Customised procurement,
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for Education, Government and Business.

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Customised procurement, deployment & support services for Education, Government & Business.

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Many businesses across the world are now harnessed to the cloud and other technologies in their day-to-day operations, yet integrating the latest technological advancements as they emerge is still a challenge.

With the ever-changing IT landscape, it is no wonder that more than half (51%) of chief information officers report feeling unprepared for future technological developments, according to a Gartner survey.

Fortunately, for organisations that have wrestled to integrate technology into their business plans, and educational institutions having difficulty harnessing technology, Computers Now (CompNow) can help.

100% Australian owned and operated.

CompNow is a 100% privately owned organisation dedicated to offering customised procurement, deployment & support plans and services for education, government and business enterprises.

Founded in Melbourne in 1990, CompNow has more than 25 years of successful trading history, providing sales, service and support across the technology spectrum. CompNow trades Australia wide, as well as in New Zealand and parts of Asia.

Super computers in your pocket, and the reign of the cloud.

CompNow strives to remain ahead of the technology curve, exploring all new developments and working to remain industry leaders across all major platforms. We work with many key technology suppliers and manufacturers to provide our clients with an effective and considered service and solutions tailored to their individual needs.

When CompNow was founded, the technology industry was a small and underutilised sector – with the idea of carrying a supercomputer around in your pocket considered an impossible concept. From that point, the technology sector has expanded exponentially in the realm of education and business, and CompNow has grown with it.

Discover our proven reputation.

Our dedication to customer support and industry leading education and innovation has encouraged some of our founding clients to stick with us for more than 20 years. Our ability to attract return business is just one measure of our strong reputation.

Additionally, some of our vendors have been working with us for more than 20 years. In the fast-changing technology industry, 20 years is a lifetime, so the ability to retain clients and vendors over that time proves we have the right approach to evolve alongside our customers, the IT industry and the many technology and device developments.

Check out the Case Studies available on our site to find out how CompNow helped a number of organisations manage and improve their technology integration. Additionally, head along to their reference sites for further details.IMG_9194

Interested in working with us?

Whether your company requires a simple wireless solution or a fully integrated technology program, CompNow can assist you and your employees in integrating, understanding and making the most of your custom strategic technology plan.

Our team can work with you every step along the way in your technology integration journey, from supply and engineering to evolving your systems to match industry developments and technology advances.

If you would like more information on how CompNow could benefit the technology integration program in your organisation, or to get started on a profitable partnership, contact the CompNow team today.


Growing steadily and sustainably year on year since inception, CompNow has witnessed the technology industry grow from infancy into an important and dominating sector. The commitment to developing alongside the industry has resulted in a number of impressive milestones over the years.

1990 – Company founded, Malvern VIC

Ÿ1995 – Launched MacOnline ISP service

2000 – $7 million turnover

2001 – Acquisition of Choice Connections

2003 – Acquisition of  LCMA in NSW

2004 – Acquisition of  icorp in VIC

2007 – 100 employees

2008 – $70 million turnover

2010 – 200th Casper Suite installation

2012 – Adelaide office opened

2013 – $80 million turnover

2013 – Acquisition of  Designwyse in VIC

2014 – Brisbane office opened

2015 -Microsoft Surface Pro Reseller Status

2015 – $100 million turnover

2015 – HP Gold Partner status

2015 – New head office in Melbourne

2016 – Quantum Gold Status

2016 – Adobe Platinum Reseller Status

2016 – Sophos Platinum Status

2016 – Microsoft Surface Education Reseller Status

2016 – New Sydney office opened

2017 – New Adelaide office opened

2017 – 200 employees

2018 – Perth office opened

2018 – HP Platinum Partner Status


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