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All you need to get your home setup up and running. ALOGIC is a leading manufacturer of a Premium range of IT Peripherals, consumer electronics and mobility products. We are dedicated at making products that help realise the true potential of technology in making our lives simpler and efficient everyday.

Let the experts at Compnow take you through the wide range of ALOGIC innovative connectivity solutions.

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New iPad Stylus Pens with Wireless Charging.

The NEW iPad Stylus Pen is ideal for composing notes, drawing, marking documents and more on your iOS device. A design that sits perfectly in your hand and made for everyday use.

Power Banks

The ALOGIC Power Bank range is designed to power between 2 – 4 USB devices simultaneously on the go. With a variety of connection points, these are ideal for anything from working remotely, to camping, to in the office.

USB-C 27,000mAh Laptop Power Bank

World’s first laptop power bank with Qi charger, stay productive wherever you are with the 27000mAh Ultimate Power bank. Charge 4 devices simultaneously or on-the-go.


Cables & Adaptors

ALOGIC have a range of Cables & Adaptors to suit every need.

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    Audio Video
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    Mini DisplayPort
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27″ Ultra HD 4K Monitor

The Clarity 27” UHD 4K Monitor delivers first-rate image quality for professionals who need to maximise their on-screen creativity and productivity. Visual creatives connected to the CLARITY have a palette of 1.07 billion colours to work with. The Ultra HD [60Hz] monitor also heightens picture element visibility with high-quality picture brightness [350 CD/M2].

Pivot, Tilt, Swivel

Includes a completely adjustable metal stand that allows you to move the display where you want it. Can rotate to landscape or portrait, tilt or swivel making perfect for any type of work.


Docking Stations

ALOGIC aims to restore the functionality of your workspace by providing an array of docking stations specially designed to meet your individual needs.

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    USB-C Docking Stations

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    USB 3.0 Docking Stations

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    Thunderbolt Docking Stations

USB-C Dock Wave

The ALOGIC USB-C Dock Wave is the first of its kind, 3-in-1 solution and the perfect travel companion. It expands on the conventional USB-C dock design by adding wireless charging and a built-in 5,000mAh power bank.

Our knowledge and expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

CompNow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.

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