Data management at every step of the life cycle.

Archiware focuses on innovative, efficient and comprehensive, off-the-shelf business-to-business solutions.

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P5 Archive Restore Video with posterframes and metadata

What Archiware P5 can do for your data.

  • Protect data on all levels in ONE solution: Archive, Backup, Cloning/Replication
  • Quick install + Easy to use
  • Give access to all in the company to Backup + Archive
  • Save time finding files with Archive as Single Source of truth
  • Save money and storage by migrating file storage Archive
  • Keep investment future proof and flexible: using disk, tape and cloud storage; OS and storage agnostic; many partners and integrations

Product Overview

Archiware’s P5 Software Platform consists of modules, which each serve different data management purposes.

  • P5 Backup

    Back up server data to disk, LTO tape and cloud.

  • P5 Synchronise

    Replicate data to ensure high availability.

  • P5 Archive

    Migrate data offline to disk, LTO tape or cloud storage.

  • P5 Data Mover

    P5 Archive add-on for moving and copying of archived data.

Why choose Archiware P5?

Data management at every step of the life cycle



  • Multi-Factor Authentication

    Electronic verification where access to an application is granted only upon the successful presentation of two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism.

  • Updates in the Browser

    P5 software updates can be installed directly from the web-admin interface on macOS and Linux installations.

  • One Platform - One User Concept

    When the software is first opened, a step-by-step introduction guides users through the creation of data security plans – so the first run can start within minutes.

  • The P5 License Model

    The P5 Platform is delivered as one package in a single installer that contains all modules, which are activated with a license key.

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