A Healthier Approach to Securing IoMT

Asimily has built an industry-leading Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) risk management platform that secures medical and IoT Devices. With the most extensive knowledge base of IoMT and security protocols, Asimily inventories and classifies every device across the healthcare organisation, connected and stand-alone.

Asimily identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities to provide actionable intelligence across the life cycle. Because risk assessment – and threats – are not a static target, Asimily monitors the healthcare organisations’ devices, detects anomalous behavior, and alerts operators to remediate the identified anomalies. With secure medical and IoT devices, healthcare organisations can keep patients, providers, assets, and resources safe and reliable. For more information on Asimily

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Discover a New Way to Keep Healthcare Systems Safe, Efficient, and Healthy

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    Precisely Identify & Classify Every Single Device

    Asimily Insight gathers more than 100 attributes about the device, such as OS and software versions. Using sophisticated passive scanning capabilities, Insight can discover connected medical, laboratory and IoT devices across your network.

  • Clinically-Viable Cybersecurity

    Asimily recommends clinically-viable workarounds beyond segmentation and patching to mitigate vulnerabilities in cases where patching is not an option. These changes have been tested in the clinical environment, so you know they won’t disrupt the highest priority: patient care.

  • Find the Needle in the Haystack

    Since healthcare organizations often have their own security policies, Asimily Insight’s policy management allows you to set a policy on any device on any parameter, giving you 100% visibility across 100% of your devices against your own internal metrics and rules.


An Interface with Security in Mind, Healthcare at Heart

Welcome to the intersection of usability and capability, with intuitive UI/UX built specifically for healthcare device remediation. Technology that helps focus on the mission, not distract from it.

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TB of Data Analysed Every Day

Every Device. Every Healthcare Organization.

In the face of constantly evolving cyber-threats, Asimily is the partner-in-protection that health systems need to holistically secure mission-critical devices.

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