New Australian curriculum-aligned virtual and augmented reality for schools.

Introducing ClassVR’s latest innovation: Australian curriculum-aligned virtual and augmented reality content. This groundbreaking platform provides educators and students with an immersive learning experience that aligns seamlessly with the Australian curriculum.

By leveraging ClassVRs, teachers can not only access an extensive library of educational materials but also contribute to the development of a diverse collection of resources alongside other ClassVR users. It’s a truly collaborative approach to education, revolutionising the way students learn and teachers teach.

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Key Benefits of Aligned ClassVR Content:


Our ClassVR experiences address the learning objectives outlined in the Australian curriculum. Students will engage with content that is directly linked to their educational requirements.


Seamlessly integrate ClassVR content into existing lesson plans or design new lessons around our immersive experiences. Create customised learning journeys that meet the needs of your students.


Enhance student engagement by providing interactive and immersive experiences. By using our aligned lesson content, capture students’ attention and promote active participation, resulting in increased motivation and better understanding.


Our VR experiences provide opportunities for formative and summative assessments, allowing you to gauge student progress and evaluate learning outcomes effectively.

ClassVRs is a game-changer for education, providing an engaging and immersive learning experience that aligns with the Australian curriculum and fosters collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills. If you want to take your teaching and learning to the next level, book a demo with Compnow ClassVRs today.

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