CompNow : COVID-19 Update

In response to COVID-19, CompNow have introduced a number of safeguards to reduce the risk of disruption to the services we provide. Our main focus has been on staff welfare and minimising the contact staff have with each other, thereby ensuring if there is a confirmed case the impact on the business is minimal. In addition our aim is to uphold our duty of care in the efforts to contain and slow the spread of the virus.

 To date these measures include:

  • Transitioning a significant number of staff to be working from home
  • Cancelling vendor and client visits to CompNow offices
  • Restricting non-essential travel and not allowing any travellers to have contact with any other staff members
  • Isolating contact between CompNow offices
  • Ensuring we have staff working from home to back-fill key operational roles such as warehousing or servicing should it become necessary
  • Reinforcing hygiene best practices across our staff still attending the state offices (including hand sanitiser for anyone entering or exiting any office)
  • Taking temperature readings of staff and customers in some offices
  • Providing on-site staff with sanitiser and alcohol wipes
  • Implementing compliance with all State and Federal mandated actions as these are announced


Our Service Desk is continuing to operate as per normal and we are confident we’ve taken appropriate steps to ensure this remains the case for the foreseeable future. For those organisations with engineers providing on-site support we are continuing to do so. If your organisation has a confirmed case please notify our Service Desk immediately so we may notify our on-site engineer and take appropriate action to ensure you have ongoing support.

In the event an organisation is permitted to have people on-site according to the current guidelines, and have a COVID Safe Plan in place we will attend for on-site repairs accordingly. Before attending any sites however, we will be requesting a copy of their COVID Safe Plan in advance and will also be sharing it with the technician attending. Our first preference will still be to facilitate repairs via our free courier service.


All of our national warehouses are continuing to operate and based on the knowledge and risks known at this point, we are confident we can continue to supply our great products to our customers.  We are in frequent contact with our vendors, distributors, logistics providers and other points in the supply chain.

Our significant stock holding (including buffer stock for contracted supply agreements) and strong vendor & distributor relationships has enabled us to fulfil most immediate requirements. Please speak with your Account Manager or email [email protected] if you have any specific requests.


Should you have any questions that aren’t answered in this statement, please contact [email protected]


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