Purposeful Innovation for Differentiated Learning at The Methodist Ladies’ College

CompNow have recently embarked on a journey with The Methodist Ladies’ College in Perth. We worked closely with the school’s leadership and teaching staff, to create a solution for transitioning an entire education environments ecosystem with specific and targeting training as well as a crucial alignment of values. Watch the case study below.

The Methodist Ladies’ College made the transition to Microsoft Surface primarily for their teaching staff’s ability to integrate better digitally with the classroom. To assist this, the CompNow team created a solution that involved a reactive but professionally considered training program that took in to account every teachers use case and specific requirements.

MLC’s Director of Academic Operations, Vanessa Smith says: “Right from our first conversations with CompNow… They’ve always been there for us. They’ve answered so many questions, they’ve been really enthusiastic about what it is that we’re trying to do. And most importantly they’ve demonstrated that they care. That education is what makes them tick.”

MLC’s goals for their students are to prepare them for life after school, so they are ready to use the tools that most likely to get to succeed in future aspirations. Ensuring the classroom is an accurate reflection of the future workplace is best practice technique to achieve this.

Meagan King holds one of the emerging roles in progressive schools like MLC – as Director of Innovation. She said that the sessions with teams across CompNow’s expertise “provoked us to think differently about the rollout and training,” Meagan says.

CompNow proposed a Proof of Concept (POC) pilot with group training for 12 teachers as a litmus test for success before introducing the new technology environment to students. “This was the smart way to go. We were particularly keen to have our teachers understand the power of the Surface pen as well as productivity tools like OneNote.” she says.


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