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Choose from a range of payment solutions for your IT consumption.

Get control of your technology with the latest equipment, in an agreement that will suit you and your organisation with Compnow Finance.


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Take advantage of modern procurement methods such as Devices as a Service or more traditional leasing methods, allowing for payment holidays or seasonal structures backed by in-depth understanding of the equipment market and finance.

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  • Operating leases / Rentals

    Keep up to date with the latest technology with an operating lease, once your asset is past its useful life upgrade to a new one.

  • Finance Leases/ Chattel Mortgages

    Need or want ownership of your equipment? Choose one of these products.

  • Device as a Service (DaaS)

    Compnow’s DaaS offering encapsulating any blend of hardware, subscriptions and support.

  • Loans

    Are you after a payment solution for your next software purchase? Then a loan could be for you.

  • Sale and Lease back

    Does your business own all its IT assets but needs a cash flow injection, sale and lease back may be an option.

Take away the headaches of ownership & management of your end user compute devices through a DaaS delivery model.


The idea behind DaaS is to provide businesses and organisations with a more flexible and cost-effective way to acquire and manage their hardware devices. Instead of having to make a large upfront investment to purchase the devices, they can simply pay for what they use on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we can take care of all the associated hardware management tasks, freeing up your IT staff to focus on other important tasks.

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  • Device

    Choose your preferred device, from Apple, HP, Lenovo or Microsoft Surface, along with a flexible warranty package.

  • Software

    Choose the Managed Subscriptions to include, from Office 365 E5 to Sophos Cloud Endpoint to any other software you require.

  • Services

    Choose the Compnow Services you need, from help desk, deployment and end of life services, or we can manage the whole lifecycle of your assets?

  • Fixed Term and payment

    Choose the term that suits you - 12 to 36 months, per user / per month, Fixed monthly costs, no extra costs and no end of term surprises.

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