Manage your fleet of devices easier with CompNow

Great businesses need great tech to enable their staff to seamlessly work and thrive. CompNow’s End-to-End Fleet Management offering covers Purchasing, deployment to end of lifecycle.

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CompNow delivers a seamless finance offering for your organisation.

Get control of your technology with the latest equipment, financed in an agreement that will suit you and your organisation. From embedded technology rentals, to payment holidays or seasonal structures and an in-depth understanding of the equipment market.

Master Rental Agreements, Asset Finance, Sale & Leaseback, Device as a Service (DaaS), Consumer Finance

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Offering Trusted Devices for your Fleet


Webstore and purchasing portals

Empowering staff through our easy to use webstore streamlines purchasing, supported by Proactive Monthly Forecasting to ensure the devices you need are available. View your organisations purchasing history & parent funded transactions.
Approved clients can overview the purchase history & device trends in their institution with our Client Dashboards, where you can:

  • Track device purchasing trends in real time
  • Filter by data range to narrow your search
  • View the CompNow warranty & DEP status of each device
  • View device serial numbers to preload into your systems


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Storage & Staging to support your business

When these devices are required on a very short timeline or you don’t have the space, take advantage of our Storage & Staging services With six warehouses nationally CompNow are well placed to manage buffer stock as well as staging enabling your business to grow even without the space to store the tech requirements.


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Deploying new and existing devices quickly to your staff

Growing businesses need new and existing devices rolled out quickly and efficiently and CompNow’s Zero Touch Deployment make that a reality. Inevitability employees will need IT support for repairs, warranty claims as well as replacement, CompNow has your organisation fully covered.


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Deploying new and existing devices quickly to your staff

After your devices have reached the end of their usable life CompNow’s very own SustainIT offers buyback, certified data destruction and sustainable refurbishment or recycled to keep harmful e-waste out of landfill.

Sustain IT aims to provide ethical, environmental and socially responsible
end-of-lifecycle management.

We sell or re-use almost everything we acquire. Broken machines may be repaired or used for parts and some items are donated.

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