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Integration & Development Services by Compnow Specialists

Compnow’s highly skilled developers are your architects for a streamlined digital environment. We specialise in custom development projects, platform integration, analytics, and mobile App creation – all to empower your business with data-driven decision-making.

Our integration & development services act as the cornerstone of successful digital transformation, allowing you to automate workflows, centralise data, and develop custom solutions that address unique needs. With Compnow, you can unlock the power of custom development and integration, propelling your business towards long-term success.

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Bespoke Application Development

Compnow’s in-house team leverages cross-platform development tools and secure cloud technologies to deliver bespoke web and mobile applications. Our expertise extends beyond development, as we can plan, build and maintain these applications to align with your present and future needs.

We empower you to curate content specifically tailored to your organisation. This enables highly relevant, timely, and personalised experiences for your users, fostering deeper engagement. The inherent security and scalability of cloud-based hosting ensures seamless management of multiple applications through a centralised platform.

The key benefits of our custom development services include:

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    Scoping out solutions from workflows through to UI & UX
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    Brand compliance & consistency across iOS, Android, Windows & macOS
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    Integration with existing environment to deliver operational efficiencies & ROI
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    Data integration with Salesforce, PowerBI, SAML, your own CMS & more
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    Simplify internal communication with custom intranet & HR solutions
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    Gain insight into your business with comprehensive data analytics

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Platforms for Digital Transformation

Compnow partners with organisations to go beyond standard Integration and Development (I&D) services. We act as a strategic partner to unlock the collective power of your systems. By adopting and implementing technology into all areas of an organisation, and eliminating data silos, we empower data-driven decisions and a competitive edge. Learn about some of the platforms we use for digital transformation services.

Apple Xcode

Compnow uses modern tools to build applications that take full advantage of the hardware they run on. Using Xcode, along with Apple’s TestFlight program, allows you to fully test and experience your new application before final release to your clients.

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PowerBI Customisation

Compnow can consult your organisation to develop a customised reporting solution that harnesses PowerBI. Data can encompass almost anything that is being gathered by your organisation – or others you interact with. Essentially any data can utilise Power BI and be displayed in realtime with different access levels if required.

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Pronto XI Customisation

Add team based real-time data integration to your Pronto ERP.

Compnow have developed a customisable dashboard solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing Pronto ERP system, enabling you to visualise, analyse and share actionable insights with your internal teams through a simple interface.

Working closely with you, we can customise the analytics to show the reports you need, in your company branding for consistency. Here are just some of the data we can integrate:

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    Stock Reports
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    Service Jobs
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    Budget Reports
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    Accounts Receievable Analysis
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    Automated PO Delivery
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    Automated Invoicing
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    API Integration
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Example App Development Clients

  • Compnow

    Compnow is providing updates on the latest technology & IT trends. Used internally & externally and has a secure login for staff.

  • WellFul

    Mindfullness benefits workplaces with reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, as well as more resilient and empathetic staff.

  • EngageMedia

    Engage publishing house showcase their portfolio & services. Internally used. Featuring pre-flight content.

  • Water4Wildlife

    W4W acts as a vital data collection tool to help support our wildlife affected by natural disasters such as bushfires. Featuring GPS tagging.

  • UTS Insearch

    UTS deliver English learning courses into Asia for foreign students. Published into Chinese market. Features user authentication.

  • New Plumbing Solutions

    NPS are leaders in the plumbing industry, providing up to date data for their staff. Featuring secure login for staff and contracts & forms.

  • Bite Magazine

    Bite is aimed at dentists to keep up to date with emerging practices. Featuring push notifications and content delivery.

  • B.I.E.R.S

    B.I.E.R.S delivers a simplified method of data management & fumigation compliance processes. Featuring real-time data updates.

  • Hothouse Design

    Hothouse are information design specialists, sharing resources internally. Internally used. Featuring pre-flight content.

  • Hickson Lawyers

    Hicksons law firm deliver mind share with prospective & current clients. Used internally & externally. Restricted content for staff login.

  • My RCH

    An interactive guide designed for patients and families to help them understand what to expect during their stay at the hospital.

  • CareAbout

    CareAbout assist people looking for a suitable aged care facility. A user friendly website for both visitors and staff to update. Featuring integration with SalesForce.

Compnow’s DevOps Integration

DevOps methodologies foster a collaborative environment, automating processes and reducing the gap between development and operations teams. This translates to faster, more reliable software releases that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Compnow’s dev team collaborates closely with both your internal operations teams and our own, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique requirements. We then craft a custom integration solution that unlocks operational efficiencies and accelerates your return on investment (ROI). The result of this is streamlined software delivery implementations, optimised operations, and a competitive edge fuelled by agility.

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Our knowledge & expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

Compnow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.

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