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Zero-Touch Modern Deployments by Compnow.

Streamline your IT operations with Compnow’s IT deployment services. Our expert team handles everything from configuration and data migration to bulk rollouts with minimal disruption to operations, ensuring a zero-touch experience for your staff. This efficient approach minimises disruption and empowers you to get your new devices up and running quickly. We also offer Managed Service Agreements to provide ongoing support and cost-effective device management.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM), Standard Operating Environments (SOE) and Thin Imaging by Compnow

Simplify device management across your entire organisation with Compnow. Our expertise spans leading platforms like Jamf, SCCM, and Samsung Knox, ensuring seamless integration for your Apple, Windows, Samsung, or Google devices. We handle everything from initial setup and security configurations to application management and Apple zero-touch deployments. This comprehensive approach empowers your IT team and streamlines device lifecycles.

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    Device Management

    Easily manage your fleet whether they are laptops, tablets or phones and maintain these devices easily over time.

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    Control the settings & configurations to restrict malicious software & unwanted apps on organisational devices.

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    App Management

    Manage bulk app purchases & installations through one simple solution, enabling you to define what apps are pre-configured and easily update when required.

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    Have a true zero-touch experience from purchase to delivery, for your staff to remain productive – the device is ready to go as soon as they turn it on.

  • Apple Automated Device Enrolment

    Compnow were the first, and are still, the only Australian Reseller to facilitate enrolment into the programs directly with Apple.

    Apple Business Manager

    Apple Business Manager is a simple web-based portal for IT administrators that works with your third-party mobile device management (MDM) solution so that you can easily buy content in volume, whether your workforce uses iPhone, iPad or Mac.

    Apple School Manager

    Apple School Manager is one central place for admins to create Managed Apple IDs, build courses and access everything you need to deploy Apple devices in your school. All from the web browser on your Mac or PC.

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  • Windows Device Enrolment

    As Microsoft Gold Partners, including a Windows Specialisation, we boast a comprehensive understanding of AutoPilot & Intune requirements.

    Windows Autopilot

    Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies used to set up and pre-configure new devices, getting them ready for productive use. You can also reset, repurpose & recover devices, simplifying the Windows device lifecycle, for both IT and end users, from initial deployment to end of life.

    Microsoft Intune

    Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based service that focuses on mobile device management and mobile application management. You control how your organisation’s devices are used, including mobile phones, tablets & laptops. You can also configure specific policies to control applications.

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  • Android Automated Enrolment

    Compnow has a growing team of Android device management experts with best in class customised deployments.

    Samsung Knox Mobile Management

    Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment enables easier device enrolment for both IT admins and device users. It allows organisations to add thousands of Samsung devices to their enterprise at once. No manual enrolment, fewer steps, automatically done even after factory reset.

    Google Zero Touch Enrolment

    Android zero-touch enrolment quickly and simply deploys Android devices at scale, with full management and applications personalised to each employee’s needs. Zero-touch allows IT to configure purchased Android devices online, while the devices are delivered direct to end-users for out-of-the box activation.

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Compnow Modern Deployment Reviews

Compnow’s team of certified senior architects will work with your business to integrate devices seamlessly & securely into your organisation. A Compnow Modern Deployment Review will guide the way.

Whether you’ve just started integrating Apple or Windows into your organisation or already have devices deployed, our senior engineers can ensure you’re ready to support the growing number of employees using these devices.

We’ll work closely with your IT teams to create comprehensive assessments of your environment and the best practices for managing & scaling your fleet.

Apple Review

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Intune Review

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Our Trusted Partners for IT Deployment Services

Local Warehousing: Faster Deployments, Fewer Delays

Compnow understands the importance of rapid and efficient device deployments. That’s why we leverage strategically located warehouses to maintain a comprehensive stock of devices readily available for your needs. This proactive approach minimises lead times and ensures your new devices are delivered and configured quickly, minimising disruption to your workforce.

We also offer the option to hold buffer stock specifically for your organisation. This ensures you have immediate access to the devices you need, eliminating delays and streamlining the deployment process.

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Deployment Services: From Asset Tagging to Data Destruction

Compnow goes beyond simply delivering your devices. We offer a comprehensive suite of deployment services designed to streamline the entire process, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency. Here’s how we can ensure a seamless rollout:

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    Asset Tagging

    Labelling each device with an asset tag & barcode, and logging this in to your asset database.

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    Test & Tag

    Making sure electrical equipment is up to AS/NZS standard, before delivering your devices. We can also test & tag equipment that is already in use.

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    Serial Number Reporting

    Customised reporting on end user devices, allowing easier tracking of which devices are in use and who each device is assigned to.

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    Screen Protector Application

    Applying screen protectors and cases on bulk devices prior to dispatch to your organisation, for day one protection.

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    Data Migration

    Handling the migration of data between devices, simplifying the roll-out process, particularly for device upgrades.

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    Packaging Disposal

    We can arrange for pick up and disposal of all packaging & rubbish after delivery of your devices.

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    Data Destruction

    Ensuring data security when devices are retired, with data wiping and restoration to factory settings, as well as providing data destruction certificates.

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    Lifecycle Management

    Maintaining visibility over your supply chain to assist in upgrading & disposing of IT infrastructure, devices, printers and other assets when necessary.

Don’t settle for just delivery. Our comprehensive deployment services ensure a smooth, efficient, and secure transition for your organisation.

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Our knowledge & expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

Compnow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.

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