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"It was a challenging launch in terms of timing. CompNow quickly understood the concept & just turned it around. It was a seamless & painfree process."

Kylie Magrath


Innovative startup, CareAbout, saw a gap in the market with the announcement of the Government’s consumer directed care reforms: enabling over 65s to be in control of their care by allowing them to choose who delivers their home care package services.

But first CareAbout had to quickly build a sophisticated website to underpin the business, and on a tight deadline.

CareAbout was launched in February 2017 from its headquarters in Brighton, Victoria and has expanded rapidly to national coverage within its first year. It aggregates verified information for free, web-based market comparisons. And these services are complemented by call centre consultancy assistance.



CareAbout deliberately set out to differentiate its offering. Many aged care recipients and their families enter this difficult time with a low level of knowledge. As each customer’s personal requirements were to be matched to suitable providers, CareAbout’s new services would be vital to the happy independence and life quality of over 65s. Navigation of the website and its information needed to be clean and clear.

“We wanted a sense of lightness, to make everything as simple as possible. The strategy was no cups of tea, no stuffiness.

Life over 65 is to be lived. So our site – from its look and feel to the quality of our services and how they are delivered – had to reflect that,” said Kylie Magrath, CEO at CareAbout.

CareAbout was working with a design agency that had strong visual communications skills but no development expertise. And the site, with integrated contact centre, had to be built within two months, in time for the reform cutover.

As a website driven frontend and with SalesForce at the backend, the design of the site and the integration paths needed to have flexibility for growth. The platform had to be easy for CareAbout staff to make changes to pages, with a setup that automatically integrated to the CRM. And, while its services would initially be for Victorian customers, CareAbout envisaged rapid expansion of its service offerings and to other States.


CareAbout and its creative team worked on the look and feel of the website project before commissioning CompNow in December for an end-January completion of the design and launch in late February.

Because CareAbout is essentially a marketing company, its SalesForce CRM is the critical backend for lead capture and conversion tracking. Customers request assistance via Google landing pages and the website. The three components – SalesForce, the WordPress site and the database – are a relatively simple platform but the integration between them was key: “We had to have it right, and from day one. Other developers ran when we talked about the timing we had in mind,” Kylie says.

CompNow’s integration enables the critical data movement between CareAbout’s systems. It developed the Aged Care Home database that sits outside the site and is integrated with both the site and SalesForce. All form filling within the site codes directly to SalesForce and back to the website for Google tracking of how users navigate through and return to the site.

Detailed information on Aged Care Providers is compiled by CareAbout and automatically filtered through the unique and comprehensive wizard coded by CompNow. Users can compare available aged care service options in their area, their prices and features. “The wizard development and integration between the site and SalesForce makes it all look easy,” Kylie says.

CompNow designed simple click through buttons to produce emailed pdf reports on such services as ‘here are 3 homes in your area with vacancies’. It built the SEO side of the site – 6,000 homes, 6,000 URL end points, streamlined in the system to improve SEO rankings. And its web hosting services include the security of CareAbout’s data. As part of CompNow’s continuing support, it carries out enhancements to the database to improve searches and match results.


“CompNow was a reliable pillar in our go to market process – particularly as we had turnover in our WordPress and SEO people through the pressured weeks of the project. They worked with us and our creatives as a team. They got it, said yes to all our crazy ideas, and were able to react on the fly”, Kylie says.

In its continuing search for ways to build the customer experience and streamline its business, Kylie says: “CompNow adds so much value by coming up with different ways of doing things. And we have access to their people who know us – we’re not just working behind a ticketing system. That responsiveness is excellent.

“CareAbout is a breath of fresh air for care recipients and their families. We’re there to take the load off so our customers can focus on caring for their loved ones. In a similar way, CompNow takes the load off us. With them taking care of the behind the scenes, we can focus on the business and the creation of new lead-capture pages. And each time we launch in to new market, CompNow is there to make it work.”

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