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“We were looking for a way to create brand impact and easily individualise content for each store. The displays were also to help us create a positive buying experience for our customers.”

Laura Griffin

Online Content Manager, Swimwear Galore

Swimwear Galore’s carefully trained staff help customers find the perfect swimsuit for their size and shape. Likewise, the displays in each of its stores are individualised to accommodate the completely different fitouts and customer demographics of each location.

The Swimwear Galore story began 30 years ago with a small rack of swimwear being sold from the family run fabric shop in Carlton, Victoria.

The business now stocks more than 100 quality brands and has expanded to retail outlets across greater Melbourne – in Fitzroy, Malvern, Mentone, Mornington, Sorrento, Geelong and soon to be opened Greensborough.



Laura Griffin, Online Content Manager at Swimwear Galore says: “Shopping for swimwear can be an ordeal, particularly for women, and we work hard to provide the service and in-store environment to ensure customers complete their purchases feeling satisfied with the experience and confident in their new swimwear.”

Previously Swimwear Galore had used light boxes to illustrate its stock range. The content management team would print expensive large format posters only every 3-4 months. “It was a lot of effort to do the artwork, get it printed and arrange for the installer to go to each store. Often the boxes would be showing swimwear that was sold out,” she says.


Since 2016, CompNow has been engaged to design a display layout suited to each store’s physical constraints and dedicated brand areas. It selects from Samsung’s professional video wall displays and integrates the panels with Samsung’s MagicInfo content management system.

The rollout began with 22 screens, including a central 55” feature panel, at Swimwear Galore’s Fitzroy store. And to exemplify the variations, Mentone had 4 x 14 panel mega videos walls installed. The smaller Sorrento store features a window display screen, and the Malvern format has a large screen placed at the change rooms where “we used to have a floor to ceiling image decal that was only changed every 4-6 months. Now, with the video wall, our content is always fresh,” Laura says.

MagicInfo has transformed the way Laura and the content management team operate. They take content provided by Swimwear Galore’s 100 suppliers and use the smart, intuitive toolset to customise eye-catching displays for pushing out to the stores. Managing the complex, multimedia display schedules is centrally controlled from Laura’s desk. All screen output can be monitored in real time.


With the light boxes, it was a costly 2-3 week physical process to have the images printed, delivered and fitted. Today, the
new images are showing in-store same day. There is also some administration work in checking that the content and stock match in each store.

The store managers communicate with Laura with any problems or required changes: “If a line sells out or stock is consolidated to another store, images can be changed immediately”. She simply makes the change and pushes to them. Whether it’s a video or a rotating slide show, everything is always up to date.

Since 2016, the display panels provided by CompNow and the usability of MagicInfo have been proven in all store environments: “We’re completely satisfied with our display technology choices and confident that they’ll keep us looking clear, bright and modern. We now have beautiful campaign shots motivating our customers’ selections,” Laura says.

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