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"Having CompNow as a partner means I can maintain an effective and reliable framework for the technology required for our performance analysis."

Anthony Cahill

Football Technology Manager

In the world of sports, gaining even the slightest edge over the competition can be the difference between success and failure – this is just as true in Australian rules football as in any other sport, which is why the Sydney Swans sought innovative software solutions to analyse their performance.

In the 2001 season, the football department was tasked with finding and implementing the best video analysis system for evaluating team performance at the highest level.



Anthony Cahill, football technology manager at Sydney Swans, says it was vital that the new video analysis system was reliable, functional and user-friendly. The Swans’ previous Windows-based platform had proven clunky and cumbersome, making an upgrade a priority.

“At the time, there was little available to store and share digital vision of matches over a server-based system,” he explains. “The growth in the number of coaches working full-time at AFL clubs led to the need to access and analyse our games from a shared source.”

In the search for the ideal solution, Anthony conducted extensive research into available technologies and contacted technology managers at different AFL clubs and in other elite sports environments.

While there were a number of good products on the market, he was keenly aware that facilitating the use of the technology for coaches and players was an important factor. In other words, it needed to be sophisticated and easy to use. .


After careful consideration, the Swans decided the SportsCode platform best suited the club’s current and future needs. The club also began using an Apple operating system.

CompNow’s procurement solutions ensured the systems were supplied and implemented, as well as offering additional ongoing services such as the purchase of computers and other equipment.

“SportsCode provided a user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as the sophistication to analyse AFL matches at the elite level,” he says.

“We installed a system and a process 12 years ago, which remains effective, stable and reliable.”

“During that time, the Sydney Swans have experienced some great success with the highlights being the AFL Premierships in 2005 and again in 2012.”

Over the years, the Swans have grown from using three SportsCode systems to over 40 across the country. Anthony says the time the software saves can be reinvested into the analysis process.

“Our commercial operations department likes to exhibit the use of technology to our existing and prospective sponsors and members,” he adds.

“It was unexpected to see the level of interest and intrigue generated through the scrutiny and in-depth analysis of football games.”

According to Anthony, the level of support offered by CompNow in helping to implement the solution effectively was important, and it continues to this day.

“Having CompNow as a partner means I can maintain an effective and reliable framework for the technology required for our performance analysis.”


CompNow provide the Sydney Swans with the latest technology which is critical to the coaches and players of the Sydney Swans Football Department.

For over ten years, the Sydney Swans have trusted and enjoyed the reliability and the functionality of the Apple Mac OSX operating system, as well as the outstanding service and support from the staff at CompNow.

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