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Casper Suite: OS X and iOS Management the Apple of REA’s eye

Organisations that work in the digital advertising world need processes in place that can quickly and effectively adapt to changing market conditions and new technologies.

This is why REA Group, which operates the leading real estate and commercial property advertising sites in the country, was looking to grow its Apple footprint and provide more flexibility across its operations.

The Australian Securities Exchange-listed business employs over 500 people and operates 13 real estate websites worldwide, meaning any solution deployed would need to be up to the task of dealing with multiple users with ease.

The Challenge

Deployment of a standard operating environment (SOE) for REA’s Apple hardware running on both OS X and Windows.

The Solution

Implementation and ongoing management of the Casper Suite, managing around 200 laptop users and 200 iOS devices.

The Benefits

Significantly reduced imaging time, more efficient updating process, ability to manage all devices from a central location, self-service feature to empower staff to deal with individual issues.

The Casper Suite gives us the ability to manage our Apple fleet of laptops and iOS devices all in one place.

Fabian Bellino Lead Technology Consultant
REA Group

The Challenge

Fabian Bellino, lead technology consultant with REA Group, says the company was eager to find a provider that could help deploy a standard operating environment (SOE) for its Apple machines in both an OS X and Windows environment.

“It needed to be quick and easy to maintain for future updates,” he explains.
“The solution also needed a self-service portal for staff to install apps and configurations themselves.”

Furthermore, the solution would have to be robust enough to tackle the demands of around 200 laptop users and an additional 200 iOS devices.

This includes a range of MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and iMacs, which would all need to be managed centrally for the purpose of visibility, Fabian adds.

After reading several positive reviews about the Casper Suite, REA Group decided that this solution stood out from the rest.

The Solution

Once the green light was given on Casper Suite, REA Group enlisted the help of CompNow to help with the implementation and ongoing management of the software package.

“CompNow helped us attain our CCA (Casper Certified Administrator) so we could manage and understand the system ourselves, but also had professional services for the more advanced features we were looking to get out of the Casper Suite,” Fabian says.

“The Casper Suite gives us the ability to manage our Apple fleet of laptops and iOS devices all in one place.”

He notes that there have been several obvious benefits from deploying Casper Suite, including the fact REA Group’s imaging time has reduced from over two hours to one hour per device.

There is also considerable time savings when a new operating system is released or major Apple updates occur.

“Previously, we would have to package up our entire image from scratch as the operating system and applications were intertwined,” Fabian states.

“Casper Suite gives us a modular imaging process so we only have to package the components that need updating.”

The self service feature has allowed staff to deal with issues themselves, rather than logging software requests to the IT department, with employees also taking advantage of custom-made apps being distributed by Casper.

Fabian confirms there is much improved visibility across the organisation’s hardware and software, while its SOE is being deployed in under an hour.

“CompNow are extremely knowledgeable about current Apple equipment and make an effort to know our business at REA,” he says.

“They have a great attitude to things we are trying to do and always endeavour to help find a solution that will meet our needs.”

About the Solution

The Casper Suite is a leading endpoint management solution for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.

REA Group use Casper Suite to secure and manage devices automatically across the entire organisation, while enabling users to help themselves on-demand using Self Service.

CompNow are a Casper Suite Integrator and Reseller and have helped hundreds of businesses and schools Australia wide with Casper Suite solutions.