Dennis Family Homes

Displaying wow factor style & quality at Dennis Family Homes 

Passion, quality and creative vision are the hallmarks of Dennis Family Homes. When the family owned business decided to recast the showroom concept, it called on CompNow to bring its vision to life. The technically imaginative, easy to manage, virtual realities displayed throughout the building are wowing clients, suppliers and staff. 

Dennis Family Homes has a long, proud history of making home ownership possible for Australian families. Its enviable reputation is building across a range of established and emerging suburbs in Melbourne, regional Victoria and New South Wales. 

The Challenge

Using technology to create a differentiated, creative showroom for Dennis Family Homes’ customers. 

The Solution

A fit for purpose, integrated display, sound and light experience. 

The Benefits
  • Business differentiator
  • Delivered concept exceeding expectations
  • Creative style and quality matching DFH culture

This project had lots of moving parts. We needed bullet proof technology as it had to run 7 days a week, with minimum interaction or support. Compnow demonstrated they could integrate all the pieces for the immersive experience we were looking for. It’s taken Dennis Family Homes to another level.

Mike Butler General Manager,
Dennis Family Homes

The Challenge

Having expanded into a new warehouse-sized showroom and headquarters, Dennis Family Homes’ (DFH) General Manager Mike Butler was inspired by the free spanned space. He saw the potential of the new facility to help make customising new homes easy, convenient & enjoyable.

 “We not only wanted our customers to be able to see every physical element of their home from one place but to also have the completed design, every detail of their bespoke plan, encapsulated in a visual reality. We wanted them to be able to explore their dream home using various technologies woven through the showroom,” he says.

The Design Manager’s creative concept and the incorporation of the “fire, water & earth” themes for the kitchen, bathroom and external material areas respectively, won board approval and the investment to bring the project to fruition.

“Building your dream home should be exciting. DFH’s ethos is to create homes that are stylish, functional and affordable. The new showroom is our commitment to making the journey as uncomplicated, clear and stress-free as possible.”

The design and implementation of the critical, integrated digital display solution had to meet the same requirements.

The Solution

“CompNow demonstrated they had great pedigree doing this type of work, they knew their stuff. We worked really well with people from across CompNow’s expertise to bring the whole solution together,” Mike says.

DFH and CompNow’s cultures are very similar with “both organisation’s consultants value adding and guiding customer selections every step of the way,” Mike says.

From the moment customers enter the showroom there is the immediate, welcoming impact of the large scale – 4.8m by 2.7m – LED display in the reception area. This and other panels are equipped with AV switching and control to allow the space to be used in a range of ways – from custom software rendering of a customer’s plans to a presentation space or media viewing lounge.

The cloud based digital signage is powered by SmartSign display manager which allows rich content to be scheduled to each panel. Several Epson laser projectors are used, with Screen Innovations Zero Edge screens, to display atmospheric content that complements client materials sections such as bathroom tiles and fittings.

Customers are met by a consultant who walks them through each element on the plan, making colour and material choices as they go – from the external bricks to the kitchen sink. The consultant records these via a dedicated application on their mobile device. At the end of each section, customers sit in a pod equipped with a fixed PC and display to review their selections. And an updated render appears on the screen so they can ‘walk’ through their home.

In the kitchen area, a camera and additional LCD display were installed for viewing cooking demonstrations from directly over the benchtop.

DFH equipped the children’s play area with Samsung displays and gaming consoles. An IP camera, locked to the internal network, allows parents to check on their family via a live stream from their consultant’s device.

Crestron 3 series controls, accessible from several touch panels, allow DFH staff to interact with the technology and quickly adjust content, lighting & music. Sonos Play 1 speakers enables music streaming throughout the space. In-wall audio reinforcement was used to complete the experience with all of the technology being controlled from a custom touch panel.


The Benefits

This one of a kind, technologically imaginative showroom has ‘‘created a huge differentiator for the business, it sets us apart in the market,” Mike says. 

“Being able to see their home in virtual reality has de-risked the process for both our clients and us. They have complete clarity over what products and colours they’ve chosen, as well as the cost of any upgrades. What they see is what they get. 

“As soon as our consultants load their presentation onto the big screen, it blows their minds. They take selfies in front of the screen and send videos of ‘this is our house!’ to family and friends. It’s taken us to another level and supporting client confidence in our capabilities. 

“We’re very proud of what we and CompNow have achieved with this technologically advanced showroom. Everyone loves it: our board, customers, salespeople and suppliers,” he says. 

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