Online procurement portal brings more choice to EMC

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, the importance of flexibility and business agility cannot be understated. This is particularly true for an organisation’s technology, which often makes the switch to modern and efficient platforms a business priority.

EMC, a global leader in IT and business transformation solutions, knows this only too well and was keen to introduce Apple devices into its corporate environment to give end users more choice and freedom with their workplace technology.

This meant finding a procurement solution that offered flexible computing, while adhering to EMC’s vendor criteria policies and support restrictions.

The Challenge

Introduction of Apple technology into EMC’s corporate environment, giving staff more flexibility with workplace technology choices whilst adhering to EMC’s vendor criteria policies and support restrictions.

The Solution

An easy to use and engaging customised procurement portal.

The Benefits

Boosted productivity, retained staff engagement, enhanced knowledge of the EMC technical team.

CompNow looked at how the order is being placed and created a workflow that was logical and simple.

Borce Sazdanovski Senior IT Manager


The Challenge

Borce Sazdanovski, senior IT manager for EMC’s IT global client services in Australia and New Zealand, admits the company faced a number of challenges during the tender process for a procurement solutions provider.

One major hurdle was the issue of support, with the organisation not allowing devices to be taken off-site for repair, as all company information must stay on the premises.

“A lot of users utilised BYOD and IT were only offering best efforts support, and of course, IT couldn’t offer the same level of access and functionality due to non-Standard Operating Environments,” Borce adds.

The search for a vendor could also throw up problems, he explains, with EMC having set criteria for external hardware providers that all new vendors must meet.

The Solution

EMC sought a vendor through a tender process, which involved setting out the company’s criteria and inviting interested parties to apply.
CompNow was one of these providers, with Borce Sazdanovski highlighting what set the company apart from the competition.

“We found that CompNow, although not meeting all of the criteria initially, were very open to discussing and changing their model to cater to EMC’s needs and requirements,” he says.
“Also they just seemed a little more professional in their approach with communications.”
CompNow set up a customised procurement portal, which allows EMC to quickly and efficiently purchase the devices needed to keep the company running.

Borce says the portal is easy to use, engaging and makes the ordering process a much better experience – all the more so after a recent upgrade.

“The new portal is even easier than the last. It feels like CompNow took a step back, actually looked at how the order is being placed and created a workflow that was logical and simple,” he adds.

Giving employees choice over their devices boosts productivity, keeps them engaged and has ensured EMC’s technical team are now experts with Mac OS X.

CompNow also sat down with EMC and discussed the way support functions would work, coming up with a solution that met the requirements and capabilities of both organisations.

“The old legacy way of handing out pre-determined PCs and platforms to users is no longer the norm; giving people a choice is what motivates and inspires productivity,” Borce concludes.

About the Solution

CompNow customised Enterprise level procurement system.

Accessible 24/7 and providing a complete catalogue of configurable hardware and software.

Complete with EMC branding and dedicated account management backend.