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Securely wiped, refurbished devices at Good360 Australia.

No student today can undertake their education without access to digital technologies. Good360 and Compnow have partnered to rescue end-of-lease fleets from corporates across Australia for redistribution to disadvantaged schools and students.

Good360 creates the connections between technology donor corporations, the 4,000 schools and charities that distribute back-to-school essentials to Australia’s most vulnerable students.

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The Challenge

To ease the concerns of corporate technology donors, Good360 had to find a credentialled partner to guarantee the secure, thorough wiping of devices before reallocation to disadvantaged school children across Australia.

The Solution

Compnow’s SustainIT ethical, environmental and socially responsible end-of-lifecycle management with certified data erasure services.

The Benefits
  • Compnow scale and efficient, complete service offering
  • Reassurance of Sustain IT’s data clean
  • Responsible re-use of quality technologies
  • Corporate donors add to CSR and employee satisfaction through accountable giving
  • Measurable difference in education outcomes for recipients of donated goods

We have requests on our books right now for a million laptops. We’re looking to corporates across Australia to call us as their device fleet leases expire so we can have Compnow save essential technologies from e-waste and get them to kids in need.

Alison Covington AM, Founder & Managing
Director of Good360 Australia

The Challenge

Alison Covington, AM, Founder and Managing Director of Good360 Australia, says: “Appallingly, in this wealthy country of ours, 1 in 8 Australians are living below the poverty line and 1 in 4 have no access to the digital world. It’s unacceptable that so many kids are falling behind.
“Parents are having to find extra money for laptops – let alone for uniforms, lunches, school excursions, and home data plans. This adds to the burden of disadvantage. With our donors we’re fighting to improve education and life equality,” she says.
Some of the answer was to source, refurbish and distribute the millions of devices lying idle, at best, or going into landfill at worst.
“Not only do we need corporate Australia to get on board but, critical to our success, was finding a credentialled partner that could guarantee donors’ legal and IT departments that the devices would be securely and thoroughly wiped before being reallocated,” Alison says.

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The Solution

Alison says that “while Good360 was great at matching corporates and schools, it had no technology refurbishment expertise”.
Compnow has taken on responsibility for the entire refurbishment process and the partnership provides Good360 “with the scale and efficiency to get goods out at the lowest cost,” she says.
Compnow’s vendor agnostic, multi-credentialled service offering includes SustainIT, its ethical, environmental and socially responsible end-of-lifecycle management. The inbuilt certified data erasure is vital to Good360’s reassurance to potential donor corporations.
“Our relationship with Compnow is critical. Its reputation and capabilities are a convincing part of our pitch to donors. Many companies are very reticent about re-use of their assets because data is so vulnerable and valuable. So Compnow’s control of our processes allays any concerns corporates have,” Alison says.
“As demand outstrips supply, we’re appealing to businesses, rather than individuals, because we can get bulk numbers of the same device in one go. That then translates to efficiency at the school level where teachers and students learn on the same machines for faster adoption and easier maintenance.” Corporate purchases also tend to have higher specs and will last longer after Compnow’s refurbishment.
“Compnow takes all the work out of the process for us,” Alison says. Compnow’s nationwide footprint is critical to servicing Good360’s national demand. Once notified that a fleet of redundant devices is available, Compnow’s Lifecycle team collects the items direct from the donor organisation – from anywhere in Australia.
Because Compnow has equipment repair certifications across the device brands, they are authorised to do all work including swapping out batteries. “Compnow mixes and matches to maximise the life of every device. No one else we spoke to had the nationwide or technical capacity to take on our challenges.”
Each device is wiped of IP – no data, no browsing history remains. It is then assessed for damage, or wear and tear like scratches and missing keys. The hardware – such as battery life, speakers and camera – are tested. Then Mac or iOS is reinstalled.
To further maximise the re-use of equipment, Compnow also sources accessories such as power adapters, so each device is complete. Then, each laptop is individually boxed and labelled and delivered to Good360 for distribution.
Good360 is adamant that recipients of their goods have the highest quality to help provide equal and respectful access to their education. If a donated item doesn’t measure up, or is otherwise unsuitable – such as keyboards and VOIP phones – they will be on sold by Compnow and the funds transferred to Good360.

The Benefits

This is a great story for corporate donors and Good360: “We’re getting cut through to the growing numbers of organisations that take lifecycle and planet responsibilities seriously,” Alison says.
Corporate fleet leasing means businesses move on to new devices before the life expectancy expiry. “It’s just not on that perfectly good laptops are having their hard drives drilled when secure wiping can be done and devices given another 3-5 years of such constructive life helping Australia’s future – our kids and our environment,” she says. A donation to Good360 means CSR responsibilities can be met at all levels.
Good360’s technology program is “changing the trajectory of lives by helping keep kids in school. With a completed education they have a better chance of breaking free of disadvantage,” Alison says.
Compnow became Good360’s official Education Partner in 2022. Its services are a guarantee to donors, charities, schools and students that if it’s a Good360 device, it’s a quality, appropriately
set up device. “With Compnow’s expert participation, growing numbers of disadvantaged Australia wide students can undertake their education as equals. And by adding significantly to the circular economy, our partnership is also making a dent on the tons of unnecessary e-waste.”
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