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CompNow are proud to support the Lighthouse Foundation, who aim to end youth homelessness. We came on board with Lighthouse in mid 2017 and are excited about our involvement with the foundation.

The Lighthouse Foundation provides homeless young people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse, with a home, a sense of family, and around-the-clock therapeutic care that is individually tailored, trauma informed and proven to work.

They have been operating for over 25 years and have successfully supported over 800 young people to break the cycle of homelessness. They help youth find employment and educational opportunities, as well as assisting them to overcome damaging life experiences.

Lighthouse have set up various homes run by two live in carers, that house up to 4 young people, which provides safety, therapeutic counselling and guidance. They are also supported by a dedicated team of psychologists and health professionals. The youth are able to stay as long as they need and can continue to gain support through Outreach programs after they become independent. Through their Lighthouse experience, young people can heal, learn again to relate to others and start to rebuild their lives.

At CompNow we are always looking at ways to help out in the community and this foundation is one we fully believe in. For more information on the Lighthouse Foundation, visit their website: