Protect against invasive cyber threats in your school with Superloop & CompNow.

Superloop’s CyberHound solution supports hundreds of schools globally providing critical connectivity and security solutions. These solutions enable schools to have a comprehensive approach to securing their networks and protecting staff and students with education focused internet, security and cloud services.

As a Superloop partner, CompNow can provide you with leading education focused cyber security and student wellbeing solutions.

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Protecting School Networks with Cyber Security

Invasive and costly cyber attacks are heavily targeting Australian schools. Ensure your school doesn’t become another statistic.

Superloop’s CyberHound solutions has one of the most advanced sets of multi-layered ‘defence in depth’ security platforms to deliver reliable cybersecurity for schools.

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The platform offers Advanced Threat Protection through our following features:

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    Multi-layered, robust network security and data protection
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    Superior quality of service with best practice for education environments
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    Enhanced visibility & control
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    Granular web filtering controls, including SSL inspection
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    Easy to use and manage user interface with customisable reporting
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    Australian support

Superloop CyberHound IPS GEO IP

Superloop CyberHound’s Intrusion Prevention System. (IPS) and Geo IP provides protection against malicious threats with controls for network traffic.

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Superloop CyberHound Application Control

Superloop CyberHound Application Control provides Network Administrators with visibility to manage and identify applications based on the network, user groups, time of day and more.

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Superloop CyberHound Classroom Control

Superloop CyberHound’s Classroom Control allows teachers to manage student internet access in their classroom as well as provide customised content.

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9 Layers of Security

The CyberHound platform’s security services are updated multiple times daily, using zero-interruption push technology together with the world’s leading cloud-based services for malicious web attack protection. All of our services are developed, delivered, supported and managed within Australia. This ensures we have total control over the service delivery and have no risks on data sovereignty.

Classroom Control

Simply, it provides the means and reassurance for teachers to provide customised content access for their class, without delay.

Not all web filters are created equal – CyberHound

Blocking inappropriate content and protecting a school’s network resources from bandwidth intensive websites has historically been a key priority for using a web filtering solution within schools.

Learn more about web filtering at your school in the blog article:

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    Customise access to websites normally blocked by the school’s web filtering policies
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    Pre-schedule access and duration of the class ahead of time
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    Restrict the Classroom Control to students in a specific class
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    Allow access to only the websites you choose, disabling all others


CyberHound’s ClearView is a unique capability that enables improved cybersafety for schools through the actionable intelligence it provides to school leaders. This actionable intelligence is delivered through enhanced visibility and insight into internet and network-based activities enabling schools to quickly detect any concerning trends or key risk indicators.

CyberHound’s behavioural analytics helps schools to identify online risks for students to ensure that appropriate support can be provided in a timely manner. With this actionable intelligence schools save vital time in providing the best student welfare support.

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Improving Teaching Efficiency & Student Productivity in Class with LiveZone

CyberHound’s LiveZone is easy to use for school leaders, teachers and students. It provides comprehensive role-based controls, leveraging evidence-based reporting and analytics to enhance learning outcomes. It also gives access to the day-to-day tools each user needs – all through one simple interface.

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RoamSafe Delivers Real Benefits

CyberHound’s RoamSafe Agent allows schools to enforce their internet ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ on laptops and Macbook whilst away from school. When students take their devices home, schools can apply customised policies preventing them from accessing inappropriate content and websites on the device.

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    Customisable policies at and away from school
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    Accurate web filtering
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    User-based reporting
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    Enforcement of Google SafeSearch
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    Integrates with MDM tools
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    Easy to deploy & manage

Premium Education Focused Web Security

CyberHound’s web security delivers real-time categorisation and unrivalled coverage of 99.99% of the active web. It delivers the most granular and reliable controls for schools and is powered by over 650 million users globally ensuring the service delivers the most up to the date protection and web filtering available.
Our service uses a combination of machine learning and human quality assurance providing the highest quality and accuracy for real-time URL categorisations and zero-day protection from emerging threats.

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