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Entrytab makes the managing of visitors and contractors fast and efficient in offices, warehousing and manufacturing businesses. An iPad at entry points around the premises allows people to register quickly with tap in RFID, QR scan or a personal QuickPIN. All visitor registrations are viewed on your central dashboard where you can see exactly who’s signed in and out.

Entrytab also takes visitor management to the next level with the addition of induction and compliance management. This ensures your conditions of entry are met before visitor access is granted.

Compnow are able to assist you in getting your personalised visitor management solution setup and working perfectly.

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More than simply signing in

In today’s business environment, there’s a lot more to visitor management than signing in and out.

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    Conditions of entry

    Visitors and contractors agree to your terms of entry during the sign in process.

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    Live dashboard

    View all visitor activity on an easy to use dashboard.

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    Printed badges with company logo, visitor photo and personal ID.

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    Emergency procedure

    Manage emergency situations with an accurate list of visitors.

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    QuickPIN for regular visitors

    Issue regular visitors a QuickPIN code that remembers all their details and speeds up the registration and sign out process.

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    Mobile access

    Send SMS or email notifications to one or more nominated people.

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    RFID card for fast accurate tap in, tap out.

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    Track casual staff hours

    As relief staff log-in and log-out of your premises, Entrytab allows you to calculate their hours.

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    After hours alerts

    Entrytab can alert a nominated staff member when staff or contractors have logged in and logged out of the premises outside standard hours.

We look after all the set up while you keep working

The end result is a visitor management system that’s perfectly in tune with your business environment. There’s no need to pull a staff member from their daily role to learn how to set-up Entrytab. We do it for you.

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Entrytab manages the COVID-19
vaccination status of your visitors

Entrytab allows you to record the vaccination status of staff, visitors and contractors and check them each time they visit your premises. Inside your Entrytab dashboard, you’ll be able to view the type of vaccine, date of last dose and their vaccination status.

During sign-in, your visitors will be prompted to update their vaccination status when required so you can be assured that everyone is meeting your criteria.

There is also an allocation for managing booster vaccines if and when they are required.

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Meeting the needs of industrial and warehousing businesses

The Entrytab system is an ideal solution to manage visitors into industrial and warehouse businesses. Not only is everybody who sign in and sign out accounted for, but Entrytab ensures they meet your legal requirements and terms of entry.

Fast efficient solutions for large and small facilities

Entrytab works with your current office systems to sign in visitors, contractors and staff. Know who is on your premises and who they are visiting. Manage the flow of deliveries at your front desk and ensure all visitors meet your terms of entry.

Sign regular visitors in quickly with RFID tap cards or assign an easy to use personal code. So visitors can be identified, instantly print name badges with a photo and other information. Courier deliveries are fast and efficient with a direct notification to the person listed on the parcel from the front desk station.

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attendance times and equipment tracking

Off-site sign in, sign out, attendance times and equipment tracking

Entrytab allows staff and contractors to sign in and sign out of while working at an offsite location via their smartphone. Manage contractors inductions, compliance and work times though your central dashboard. View which of the worksites they signed in and out of.

Includes Entrytab EquipmentTracker to monitor borrowed equipment. Know who has keys and tools and when they are due to be returned. Receive reminders when an equipment return date is coming up.

Tap in and tap out

Ensuring the sign in and sign out process is fast and convenient is essential. Entrytab offers a number of options that allows regular visitors to be quickly processed using RFID, QR codes, barcodes, or QuickPINs.

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    QR code: any numeric or alphabetical combination

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    QuickPIN: Visitor selects their own code

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    RFID: Utilise company door cards

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    Barcode: Utilise existing company cards.

Tap in and tap out

Entrytab induction & compliance

Take your visitor management to the next level with the addition of induction training and compliance certificates management. You’ll have complete confidence that visitors have viewed your induction and they have the appropriate insurance, accreditation and licences to perform their job at your premises. Combined with Entrytab Visitor Management you’ll have automated validation on their compliance status before allowing entry.

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