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Welcome, and thank you for clicking the CompNow link for Epson Large Format Printers. CompNow is one of country’s largest and leading suppliers of EPSON Large Format Printers. As the Products Specialist for , I invite you to experience the following Key Benefits when dealing with CompNow for your Epson Large Format printer and consumables:

  • Trade Qualified Advice
  • Best Prices
  • Excellent Service & Support
  • Consumables Planning
  • Consumables Consignment Plan

Each of these key benefits are outlined in more detail below along with our Google prices on Epson Large Format Printers. I invite you to read how we can help you and then give us a call or contact us to discuss your particular Epson Large Format requirements.

Trade Qualified Advice

Our Colour Management team (incorporating Designwyse, icorp and LCM+A) have over 60 years of combined trade experience in the Prepress, Photographic and Colour industries. We are fully authorised and trained in Epson Pro Graphics Printers, EFI (BEST) Colour RIPs and Xrite industry standard ICC colour profiling systems. The Colour team has installed dozens of fully colour managed systems, many to industry standards such as 3DAP and ISO. Custom requirements are no problems. We are also experts at custom press profiling to achieve your optimum press simulation and would be delighted to discuss your requirements free of charge. Reference sites of others who have installed such solutions from CompNow are available on request.

Best Price (for Web Searchers)

Because you contacted us via a Web link or the Google search engine, we have saved on advertising costs which we can pass directly onto you. We value a long term business relationship much more than a single one off sale, so we are prepared to be very competitive on price to earn and win your business. In return for your business, we will provide excellent ongoing service and support and arrange for special low prices on consumables and supplies. So, if the special prices below are not already the best prices that you’ve seen, don’t worry, we will match or better any other genuine quoted price (provided of course, that it’s for the same total package and it’s not below dealer cost). Plus, we’ll include something extra as well! Here are your special prices! Call us direct if they’re not the best you’ve seen! Freecall 1300 COMPNOW.

Special Prices for Epson Large Format printers

Epson Stylus Pro 3880
17″ A2 8 Colour
was $2,194 Now $1,975


Epson Stylus Pro 3880

Epson Stylus Pro 4900
17″ A2 8 Colour
 was $3,624 Now $3,262


Epson Stylus Pro 4900 17

Epson Stylus Pro 7700
24″ A1 4 Colour
 was $4,673 Now $4,207


Epson Stylus Pro 7700 24


Epson Stylus Pro 7890
24″ A1 8 Colour
 was $6,264 Now $5,638


Epson Stylus Pro 7890 24

Epson Stylus Pro 7900
24″ A1 10 Colour was $7,694 Now $6,925


Epson Stylus Pro 7900

Epson Stylus Pro 9900
44″ B0 10 Colour
 was $13,194 Now $11,875


Epson Stylus Pro 9900 44

Service and Support

Our Colour support team are available for your ongoing service and support requirements. We always ensure that we have a large supply of inks and consumables so that we can rapidly service your ongoing consumable requirements. We offer FREE telephone support and competitive onsite technical support and training for all of our large format solutions. We endeavour to ensure that you are always up and operational at all times with any technical problems addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

Come and see the printers in action

CompNow  have showrooms with many demonstration models on display. We are happy to print out your test images on the printers and media you are considering so that you can evaluate and see the quality and results for yourself. We can also demonstrate a range of industry standard RIP software packages and computer systems to compliment your Epson Large Format printer on both MAC and Windows operating platforms.

Consumables Plan

CompNow has a consumables plan that not only ensures excellent competitive pricing on your consumables, it also includes a FREE annual checkup and maintenance call for your printer. By noting your estimated usage in the Plan, we ensure that we always have enough stock on hand to meet your needs. All we ask in return for providing the best price, constant stock and a free annual maintenance call is that you give us first option to supply all of your large format consumable needs. If we can’t do better than another supplier’s price then we understand you may need to consider going elsewhere, but if we can, then we appreciate your regular business in return for the lower Plan Prices and excellent service that we will provide you with.

Consignment Plan

Larger, established users of consumables are invited to apply for our Consumables Consignment Plan. Under the Consignment Plan, up to four weeks supply of the consumables you regularly use, are warehoused at your own premises free of charge for you to use as needed. Once or twice a month the remaining consignment stock is counted and consumables used are invoiced and replenished with new stock.

For More Information or a Quote
In Melbourne Phone (03) 9684 3600
In Sydney Phone (02) 9951 7979

Or Freecall 1300 COMPNOW

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Just by mentioning that you found our number on our Web site or via Google we will give you
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