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Engage future generations to learn through modern technology

Learning has evolved beyond the classroom, and technology is playing a crucial role in the learning environment. Students are digesting learning material on diverse devices and interacting with teachers and peers across many different channels. Technology infrastructures need to be improved to support modern learning, and security needs to be robust to protect students from a growing number of cyber threats. Teachers also require the support and training to enable them to best utilise technology to implement engaging learning programs.

At Compnow we understand that schools need IT support to manage and deliver on these requirements to provide a modern learning environment.


Respond to a modern and transforming education environment

Technology is an integral part of a student’s learning experience.  Schools now, more than ever, need the ability to effectively manage their unique technology needs.  Whether it’s building modern infrastructures, or building learning programs, deliver content across devices or protecting students from security threats, schools need assistance with the challenges they face, including:

  • Protecting students from growing cyber threats

    Students need to be protected from growing security concerns. School’s need security solutions to mitigate the risks on students and their environment, from online threats to filtering content.

  • Effective utilisation of technologies for enhanced learning

    Without proper training the effectiveness of technology for learning isn’t fully utilised. To ensure teachers use technology to its full capability, on-going support and training are required.

  • Delivering learning content to multiple devices

    From laptops to VR headsets, students are learning on multiple devices and teachers require the tools and confidence to deliver learning material to facilitate modern experiences.

  • Building a connected and collaborative learning environment

    A modern learning environment requires the infrastructure and technology to connect students and teachers to learn and collaborate across classrooms.

  • Increasing requirements in managing school technology

    With more technology in the classrooms, schools require more support to effectively manage their IT requirements, requiring tailor managed services to assist with repairs and helpdesk support.

  • Procuring the best technology for students and teachers

    With limitless amount of devices available, schools need a partner to assist with procuring the best solutions for students and teachers to enable them to work without limitations.

Focused on innovative learning experiences to the benefit of the school

Benefit from better academic outcomes by working collaboratively with the right partner to deliver the best technology services and solutions to enhance the learning experience.

Student benefits

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    Increased motivation and engagement

    Get better results through improved engagement from students with innovative learning experiences.

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    Improved delivery of educational material

    Deliver rich learning material to students across multiple devices and create a more engaging curriculum.

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    Learning beyond the classroom

    Move away from the textbooks and experience immersive and engaging learning through technology.


School benefits

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    Improve satisfaction and desirability

    Deliver higher achievements from your students by providing an innovative learning environment.

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    Mitigate security risks

    Get the peace-of-mind that your students are protected from cyber threats.

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    Effectively manage the schools IT

    Benefit from tailored managed services that help schools with IT workload and costs.

Our knowledge & expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into schools since 1990.

Compnow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your school.

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