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Improve your customer retail experience.

With the retail experience changing due to digital technologies, it is important for retail organisations to embrace technology and transform the way they operate to deliver better and more engaging customer experiences. Whether it’s innovative POS and payment systems, interactive screens or technologies to improve back-of-house operations, retail businesses need the expertise to bring technology to modernise their operations.

At Compnow, we have the expertise to provide ICT solutions to improve your retail customer experience.

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Making your Logistics / Scanning / POS seamless for your staff and customers

Compnow advances mobile in retail by providing solutions that bring stores more insights and information, help their brand connect with customers in both physical and digital, and optimize financial performance.

For your customers, interactive devices create new ways to browse stock, check availability and place orders. For your staff, mobile point-of-sale tablets make it possible to serve customers anywhere in the store

Arm all sales staff with instant, accurate stock updates. Manage store rooms and check stock from a single device for informed interactions on the shop floor and while serving restaurant guests. Third party integrations with leading scanner solutions and accessories transform tablets and wearables into barcode readers, perfect for managing and tracking stock.

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Delivering better customer experiences in a digital world

Retail organisations are being challenged by the advancement of technology, changing the way consumers purchase. It is important for retail businesses to harness the power of technology to improve customer experience across all channels, and they need a partner to help them address the challenges they face, including:

  • Delivering on customer expectations

    Modern technologies are disrupting how businesses deliver their products and services. With customers are expecting more, businesses require technology to help the better deliver on those expectations.

  • Improving store operations

    Improved technology solutions will assist with effective operations, and businesses need a reliable partner to provide tailored service to maximise operational efficiencies.

  • Online retail disruption

    Online retailers are making it cheaper and easier for customers to purchase, and retailers require expert partners to deliver an engaging experience instore and online.

  • Mitigating security risks at every access point

    In a modern connected environment, a security breach can occur at any point. Businesses need security solutions on a broader scale from accessing files on personal devices to physical environments and surveillance.

  • Cost-effective solutions

    Essential to a profitable business is to effectively manage expenses. From procurement of devices to ongoing maintenance, retailers need a technology partner to provide an effective tailored service.

  • Supply chain management

    With multiple channels and locations, businesses need the infrastructure and solution to better manage their supply chain and inventory.

Focused on positive outcomes for your customers and business

Set up for success by working collaboratively with the right partner that delivers the best outcomes for the business and customers.

End-user benefits

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    Deliver better customer service

    Improve your customers experience and provide a higher quality of service.

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    Improve personalisation

    Provide you customers with a personalised service to enhance their retail experience.

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    Better employee experience

    Deliver a better experience for your employees by providing the technology they need to work effectively.


Organisational benefits

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    Increase customer engagement

    Deliver better in-store engagement using digital signage.

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    Improve operations

    Enjoy the service, support and expertise you need to improve your store operations.

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    Improve satisfaction and desirability

    Improve your brand image and NPS by delivering better customer service.

Our knowledge & expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

Compnow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.

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