Enhancing & securing your network and connectivity is easier with Extreme Networks & CompNow solutions.

Extreme Networks enables you to deliver customer-centric, end-to-end enterprise networking solutions to complex business challenges and as Diamond Partners, we can assist you with your networking needs.

Committed to our partnership with Extreme, we have an internal Extreme Networks Specialist on hand to discuss all of your connectivity requirements.

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We’ve redefined how organisations approach enterprise networking to make your network work for you.

To lead in the digital business world, it’s become survival of the fastest. If your network is slow, it can stall your digital transformation and lead to business growth becoming stagnant. So we’ve thrown out how things used to be done, and created an agile and adaptive architecture that helps you stay ahead of the game.


Pushing enterprise, cloud computing & mobile to new levels through an innovative and customer-centric approach.

In this Smart Guide, we reveal how the right network with intelligent automation can propel you forward and enable you to thrive in the new digital age.

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Inspire the students and enhance the learning experience. See how analytics could benefit your school.

  • Extreme-Edu-Analytics-icon-1-engage-students
    Engage your students

    Better serve your students by understanding their demographics and behaviour. Enhance learning by connecting students, teachers & resources, and manage your communications easier.

  • Extreme-Edu-Analytics-icon-2-operation-efficiency
    Improve Operational Efficiency

    Improve administrative services by expanding your awareness of issues, optimise facility operations by visualising usage patterns of students & teachers and get alerts for emergencies & issues to act fast.

  • Extreme-Edu-Analytics-icon-3-teacher-graph
    Help teachers understand what works & what doesn’t

    Choose the right learning tools & figure out what works best for your students. Optimise the use of learning resources by gaining insights into usage, and use the apps that let teachers collaborate easily.