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Let Extreme Networks take you on your digital transformation journey.

Take advantage of our diverse range of solutions, all built to maximise the effectiveness of your network and create a long-lasting partnership.

A smarter network begins at the edge

Accelerate your digital transformation and reclaim your focus on business growth with an intelligent, adaptive and secure network edge.

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A network unrivaled in simplicity & manageability

Build an automated, secure, intelligent end-to-end campus network with custom connections for every user and device.

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Network agility drives digital transformation

Leverage cross-domain automation, network visibility and adaptable platforms for quicker competitive response and better business outcomes.

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Extreme Networks is recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN – we have the expertise to take you on your digital transformation journey.


Network breaches will get you fined.

Every organisation has data that is valuable to a cyberthief. Yet most organisations don’t think they will be affected by a network breach.

In the age of sophisticated cyberattacks, no business is immune to a data breach, you simply cannot defend against every type of attack.

In February, the Australian Government introduced tough new changes to the Privacy Act laws. Businesses now need to have measures in place to protect their network from a breach and, if a compromise occurs, heavy fines apply.

Talk to CompNow and Extreme Networks to find out how the latest network and software tools can protect, analyse, and monitor your network – keeping you compliant and safe from any cybersecurity threats.


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It’s always the network!

The digital transformation puts a special stress on the network to deliver. Extreme Networks provides performance visibility whether managed onsite or in the cloud.


ExtremeManagement provides a single pane of glass to manage it all. Whether you’re dealing with iPads, Chromebooks, wearables, phones, tablets, or projectors.

ExtremeControl enables the right devices and the right apps in the right places at the right times.

ExtremeAnalytics provides early warning of issues anywhere along the route from remote testing server to device.


Simple, Flexible, and Business-Aligned Cloud-Managed
Wired and Wireless Networks


With Cloud-managed Wi-Fi, the network management function is securely shifted to the cloud and accessed with a standard web browser. An on-site controller is no longer necessary. Adding Wi-Fi networking using ExtremeCloudis as easy as purchasing access points (APs), adding the cloud subscription, and installing the APs.

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