Technology helps deliver better health & aged care services

CompNow recognise technology is changing health & aged care and we are dedicated to offering end-to-end medical technology solutions for Healthcare organisations and Hospitals, including customised procurement, deployment & support services.

We have an Australia-wide specialist team dedicated to Healthcare, delivering a range of services from traditional endpoint and infrastructure procurement, to specialised areas like AV, in-room entertainment, database integration and the latest in COW technology and ergonomics.

CompNow also offer a range of services to help increase efficiencies and free up time for you to focus on your patients. We can assist with managing your medical technology through Information Management Communication & Technology, Equipment Commissioning, Asset Management and Competitive Finance.

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Humanscale believe better care can be achieved through better design.

As the global leader in healthcare ergonomics, Humanscale create products that maximise caregiver comfort, allowing for the best delivery of care possible.

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    T7 Mobile Technology Cart

    Humanscale Healthcare’s TouchPoint line of mobile technology carts delivers industry-leading performance, ergonomics and durability. These sleek, innovative carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide caregivers with a simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day.

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    MedLink™ Mobile Technology Cart

    MedLink™, the next generation in smart point-of-care solutions, transports medication, retrieves and displays patient data, and aids in the secure delivery of medication by healthcare professionals to promote patient safety. MedLink™ is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed-loop medication system.

Cybernet focus on producing devices designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare.

Cybernet design & manufacture durable & reliable medical grade PCs & tablets built for a variety of medical applications. They have the toughest technology on the market, that is customisable & built to order.

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    CyberMed NB22

    These medical cart computers with hot-swap batteries are designed to be used with non-powered carts. Hot swap batteries provide up to 21 hours of up time on a single charge.

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    CyberMed S22

    A versatile EMR computer with a wide touch interface for anesthesia applications, operating room environments, and patient charting. One of our most powerful computers for hospitals that want the best in medical hardware.

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    CyberMed RX

    A fully anti-microbial casing and touch glass mitigates the spread of germs and harmful microbes. This is especially important with a mobile device that will be handled by multiple people throughout the day.


HP have developed technology specifically for the healthcare industry that are safer, smarter & secured.

HP Healthcare products are designed to enhance the connection between care providers and patients while optimising clinical workflows, with displays built for repeatable sanitisation, expanded security measures, single sign-on authentication and collaboration tools.

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    HP EliteOne 800

    Help boost clinical efficiency and protect critical data with this powerful system that is easily sanitizable5 and enhanced with robust security, telemedicine features, and optional, integrated authentication tools.

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    HP Elitebook 840

    Deploy a mobile, sanitizable5 powerhouse built to your security, collaboration, and workflow efficiency requirements with built-in telemedicine and authentication8.

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    HP Healthcare Displays Products

    Designed for clinicians, HP HC Edition Displays are all easily sanitizable5, with options for DICOM Part 14 compliance, built-in authentication, telemedicine tools, and integrated privacy9.

Our knowledge and expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

CompNow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.