Technology helps deliver better health & aged care services

Compnow recognise technology is changing health & aged care and we are dedicated to offering end-to-end medical technology solutions for Healthcare organisations and Hospitals, including customised procurement, deployment & support services.

We have an Australia-wide specialist team dedicated to Healthcare, delivering a range of services from traditional endpoint and infrastructure procurement, to specialised areas like AV, in-room entertainment, database integration and the latest in COW technology and ergonomics.

Compnow also offer a range of services to help increase efficiencies and free up time for you to focus on your patients. We can assist with managing your medical technology through Information Management Communication & Technology, Equipment Commissioning, Asset Management and Competitive Finance.

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HP have developed technology specifically for the healthcare industry that are safer, smarter & secured.

HP Healthcare products are designed to enhance the connection between care providers and patients while optimising clinical workflows, with displays built for repeatable sanitisation, expanded security measures, single sign-on authentication and collaboration tools.

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    HP EliteOne 800

    Help boost clinical efficiency and protect critical data with this powerful system that is easily sanitizable5 and enhanced with robust security, telemedicine features, and optional, integrated authentication tools.

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    HP Elitebook 840

    Deploy a mobile, sanitizable5 powerhouse built to your security, collaboration, and workflow efficiency requirements with built-in telemedicine and authentication8.

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    HP Healthcare Displays Products

    Designed for clinicians, HP HC Edition Displays are all easily sanitizable5, with options for DICOM Part 14 compliance, built-in authentication, telemedicine tools, and integrated privacy9.

Ergotron Healthcare: Leadership You Can Trust

With over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Ergotron is uniquely qualified to configure medical workstations that fit the workflow throughout your facility. Their StyleView Document Medical Carts are versatile and easy to maneuver, with a range of styles to suit your specific needs.

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    Light-Duty Medical StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV10

    The nimble SV10 effortlessly moves to the point of need, securely holding a laptop for comfortable data entry. Its patented lift engine easily adjusts the platform and screen to exactly the right height for whatever task is at hand.

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    Light-Duty Medical StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40

    Incredibly lightweight! This innovative, truly ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver healthcare cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.

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    Full-Featured Medical StyleView® Cart with LCD Pivot

    This innovative, truly ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver healthcare cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment, independent screen positioning, side-to-side keyboard motion and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.


Cybernet focus on producing devices designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare.

Cybernet design & manufacture durable & reliable medical grade PCs & tablets built for a variety of medical applications. They have the toughest technology on the market, that is customisable & built to order.

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    CyberMed NB22

    These medical cart computers with hot-swap batteries are designed to be used with non-powered carts. Hot swap batteries provide up to 21 hours of up time on a single charge.

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    CyberMed S22

    A versatile EMR computer with a wide touch interface for anesthesia applications, operating room environments, and patient charting. One of our most powerful computers for hospitals that want the best in medical hardware.

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    CyberMed RX

    A fully anti-microbial casing and touch glass mitigates the spread of germs and harmful microbes. This is especially important with a mobile device that will be handled by multiple people throughout the day.


Microsoft Surface devices are designed for mobility & versatility.

Whether they be connected to a monitor or for use on the go, Surface devices will allow you to focus on your patients, increasing productivity & efficiency.

Surface Pro 7

Combining the power of the Surface Pro with an anti-microbial ruggedised case & arm mount, you can turn your Workstation-on-Wheels into a portable tablet device to better care for your patients.

Zebra is at the forefront of innovating the latest technology solutions in healthcare.

From patient identity to mobile healthcare and real-time intelligence, Zebra are empowering front line staff with a performance edge to deliver the best patient care.

Delivering high quality patient care starts by connecting data from admissions to discharge, and every step in between. Zebra’s patient identity management solutions enable precision when matching patient records, medication, specimens and more—so the right patient gets the right care every time.

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    Positive Patient Identification
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    Specimen Collection
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    Pharmacy Management
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    Laboratory Management
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    Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)
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    Hospital Bracelet and Patient ID Wristbands

Reduce The Spread Of Infection With PC Locs UVone.

UVone helps mitigate the spread of bacteria anywhere devices are being used or shared.

UVone touchless operation disinfects mobile devices to a 6-log kill in just 30 seconds, providing assurance that your device is 99.9999% bacteria free.

With touchless sensors, users never physically touch the station, reducing cross contamination. UVone is specifically designed for quickness and ease of use, encouraging busy professionals to change their daily behaviour, thus increasing hygiene compliance long term. It seamlessly integrates into any environment or workflow, in locations that are most convenient and visible for compliance.

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    Compatible with almost any mobile device
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    Touchless, motion-activated door
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    Up to 10,000 hours of bulb life
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    Six times quicker than traditional wipes
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    Convenient, visible & ready at all times
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    Comes with 1 Year warranty

Streamline visitor & contractor management with Resitab

Resitab is a visitor management system designed specifically for Aged Care facilities. While easily registering all visitors & contractors in and out of your facility, Resitab provides specialised tools for managing resident leave requirements from your facility.

Resitab creates an information link to the family while residents are in their care. It empowers carers and staff with access to real-time information to aid in the care of residents who leave the facility for family visits and excursions.

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    Streamline front desk registration management
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    Reduce paper work and improve facility & family communication
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    Real-time resident whereabouts for facility staff
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    Deliver important information to carers signing out a resident
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    Accurate resident return times
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    Analyse visitor and resident movements
  • LG Monitors

    LG’s healthcare division serves the needs of hospital and long term care facilities by delivering high-tech, premium display solutions.

    Built to international medical digital image standards, the LG medical monitor supports fast, positive medical judgement through a myriad of functions designed for accurate diagnosis. They’re designed to improve the accuracy, quality and efficiency of diagnostic procedures.

  • Seal Shield

    Seal Shield is a world leader in providing innovative infection control solutions, from washable & waterproof mice and keyboards, to mobile device management and UV-C disinfection systems.

    Seal Shield manufacture medical mice & keyboards which look and function like standard mice & keyboards, but have unique features making them ideal for medical environments.

  • Extreme Networks

    Extreme Networks provides the elements for an intelligent, adaptive, and secure autonomous network that delivers the foundation needed to achieve life, patient, and mission critical initiatives.

    Receive enterprise-grade performance & personalised protection for vulnerable wired devices with the Defender for IoT Adaptor. It monitors older devices to secure, isolate & track any suspicious activity. 

Our knowledge and expertise have been seamlessly integrating technology into organisations since 1990.

Compnow are an industry leader with decades of experience in the technology industry. We work together with our clients and technology partners to provide tailored services and innovative solutions into your organisation.

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