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21st Century Learning Design

21st century learning design (21CLD) represents a transformative approach to education, preparing educators and learners for the demands of the modern world. This methodology focuses on nurturing key 21st century skills, advocating for innovative teaching practices that enhance student learning. Our specialised professional training which includes 21st century classroom design, empowers educators and professionals to effectively integrate technology in their teaching and workplace environments.

Compnow: Pioneering in Tailored Educational Solutions

Compnow is a fully Australian-owned and operated company and has been at the forefront of providing customised procurement, deployment, and support services across Education, Government, and Business sectors for over 30 years. With more than 217 certifications, over 150 technically certified staff members, and partnerships with over 22 vendors, we’re positioned uniquely as a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner. We have a nationwide presence with six locations across Australia, ready to cater to your educational needs.


Professional Learning and Development in 21st Century Skills

Our 21CLD Professional Learning and Development Training is designed for those aiming to acquire a comprehensive understanding of 21st century teaching and learning. This training offers a versatile, platform- and device-agnostic program, including six key learning dimensions, with a particular focus on digital technologies.

Leading the way is our Professional Learning & Development Consultant, Karen Pastro, one of only five individuals in Australia certified in 21CLD. We offer customised 21st century classroom design courses tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, encompassing school leadership planning, teacher planning, and strategies to enhance engagement and outcomes.

Nurturing Critical 21st Century Skills

The Microsoft 21st century learning design course is an interactive, collaborative program, guiding educators in fostering essential skills such as:

  • Collaboration
  • Real-world problem-solving and innovation
  • Digital technology integration
  • Knowledge construction
  • Skilled communication
  • Self-regulation

For a comprehensive overview, download our Professional Learning Catalogue detailing our 21st century classroom design training.

Comprehensive Learning Modules for Educators

The 21st Century Learning Design for Educators comprises eight insightful modules, offering educators practical strategies to develop these skills using digital technologies. This series includes videos, reading materials, rubrics, and anchor lessons for each dimension, enabling educators to apply these concepts in redesigning their learning activities.

Learning Objectives of 21CLD Training

The program aims to:

  • Examine essential 21st century skills for life and work
  • Understand the purpose and application of the 21CLD framework, rubrics, and decision trees
  • Explore the six 21CLD rubrics and decision trees in detail
  • Discover Microsoft tools that align with the six 21CLD dimensions
  • Design learning activities focused on these dimensions

Connect with Us for 21st Century Classroom Design Training

Interested in exploring our 21st century classroom design courses? Contact us at 1300 COMPNOW to speak with our dedicated customer service team, or reach out through our enquiry form for more information.

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