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Apple Deployment Identity

Modern Deployment Identity for Apple enables organisations to more effectively and efficiently manage verification & identity as part of their Apple MDM solutions. Below, find out about the benefits of Modern Deployment Identity for Apple and how it can improve MDM management and MDM security for your organisation.

CompNow is a 100% Australian owned & operated business with over 30 years of experience. We have six locations across Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth. We are an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, have the highest number of Apple engineers and the largest number of Apple certifications & authorisations in Australia. We are also the only Apple Certified Training Provider in Australia and the sole national Apple Authorised Service Provider. Here are the benefits of Modern Deployment Identity for Apple MDM management.


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CompNow has a reputation for delivering best-practice Apple environments along with a highly skilled & experienced team of Apple experts.

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Benefits Of Modern Deployment Identity For Apple MDM Management

Through Modern Deployment Identity for Apple, we conduct a comprehensive audit of your current Identity environment. The program can be held both remotely or onsite – tailored to what works best for your organisation.

The program is designed to enable you to gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can and are working with people across multiple devices and in a variety of locations within your organisation. The program helps you to explore how Apple devices and users currently associate with identity and implement ways to improve it within your existing environment. Outcomes of the Modern Deployment Identity For Apple MDM Management include:

  • The ability to enable your employees to self manage their device set-up
  • Building on your IT team’s level of Mac expertise
  • Developing new IT efficiencies

Modern Deployment Identity For Apple And MDM Security

The Modern Deployment Identity for Apple program also addresses MDM security by helping you to identify if you can safely and securely integrate staff access from Apple devices using your centrally managed Identity Platform. Through the audit, you will be able to identify if adequate levels of security are in place and how to implement streamlined, best practice procedures to ensure the security levels required and compliance is maintained.

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