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Securing IoMT Technology (inc. Healthcare Devices) with Asimily

IoMT Challenges

The legal, regulatory, technical, and privacy challenges of IoMT technologies are unique. One challenge is the need to collect relevant data for devices that can interact between healthcare providers and patients remotely. However, security is the top priority when it comes to IoMT applications because they interact with extremely sensitive information. Devices need to be safe, private, and compliant with regulations* in order to create trust and service the market.

*Every health service in Australia is bound by the Privacy Act 1988.

Risk Remediation for IoMT

IoMT devices are quickly becoming a staple in our lives. From glucose and heart-rate monitoring to ingestible sensors and connected inhalers, these devices play an important role in the management of our personal health. However, with this increase in use comes an increased risk for cyber-attacks. In fact, IoMT devices have already been identified as attack vectors and present a serious security deficit.

To address this issue, it is necessary to expand security without expanding staff and increasing operating expenses. One way to do this is through vulnerability research and compliance testing. By understanding the vulnerabilities of these devices and the measures manufacturers take to protect them, we can create better defences against potential attacks.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for protecting personal health information (PHI). All devices in your organisation should be defended against attacks, regardless of their function or classification. With Asimily, you can secure your IoMT environment and maintain compliance with ever-changing regulations


How Asimily Can Secure IoMT

There are many ways to approach securing IoMT, but one of the most important steps is knowing which devices exist on the network and what potential threats they may face. Asimily can help you do just that. They have the technology to secure your IoMT and help you avoid ransomware.

But it’s not enough to know where to focus your resources; you also need to be able to determine what should be a priority in cybersecurity. Some vulnerabilities are more relevant than others, and exploiting them can have serious consequences. That’s why we prioritise vulnerabilities by likelihood and criticality.

Vulnerability data is collected from medical, laboratory, and IoT devices around the world, so Asimily have a comprehensive understanding of which ones pose the biggest threat. And with innovative new capabilities, this allows them to remediate identified vulnerabilities in real-world environments. Giving healthcare providers the peace of mind that their systems are protected against even the most sophisticated attacks.

But securing IoMT is an ongoing process, so the Asimily platform helps make it easier than ever before. Their device classification software can gather key information on IT parameters, device parameters, cybersecurity capabilities, and other parameters about your organisation. With this data in hand, you can then feed the live inventory into your CMMS (computerised maintenance management system) or CMDB (configuration management database) to help discover untracked devices or those that have disappeared.

Having a complete understanding of how different devices present themselves, how they’re connected and how data flow across the network is essential for securing IoMT.

Compnow’s Partnership with Asimily

Compnow is excited to announce our partnership with Asimily. Asimily is the world’s leading provider of vulnerability management and security operations software for medical and laboratory devices. Their platform helps healthcare organisations reduce the risk of attack and lower the cost of managing their device inventory.

With Asimily, Compnow can offer our customers a comprehensive solution for securing their mission-critical devices. Asimily’s large knowledge base of medical and laboratory devices gives us unparalleled visibility into the vulnerabilities that exist in these systems. And their team of experts has the research and technical expertise to help our customers quickly address any issues that arise.

We’re confident that this partnership can provide healthcare organisations with the best possible protection against cyber threats, allowing them to focus on what they do best: providing quality healthcare services to patients around the world.

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