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Autopilot and Intune Deployment Services

Compnow is at the forefront of Microsoft technology, where efficiency meets innovation. We have been an esteemed partner of Microsoft for over 30 years, and this includes proudly presenting our modern deployment services featuring Microsoft Autopilot and Intune. Our expertise is not just a claim; it’s a legacy we’ve built with dedication and a deep understanding of our client’s unique needs, culminating in winning the Global Modern Solutions Partner of the Year in 2020.

Expertise and Trustworthiness in IT Solutions

We’re not just service providers; we’re your IT partners. Our approach to each client is tailored, understanding that the requirements of a large business, local government, or a healthcare institution vary significantly. Our specialist teams are well-versed in sector-specific innovations and solutions, ensuring your IT infrastructure aligns perfectly with your organisational objectives.



Compnow Modern Deployment Review

Our approach to modern deployments includes a comprehensive review, combining remote and on-site assessments to provide strategic implementation plans for Intune and Autopilot solutions. This process involves:

  • Delivering best practices from Compnow’s experienced engineers.
  • Assessing your current IT infrastructure.
  • Collaborating with your team for knowledge transfer.
  • Providing immediate feedback and a detailed modern deployment readiness report.
  • Planning implementation milestones and actionable recommendations.
  • Offering an Intune and Autopilot integration ratings scorecard.

Our Comprehensive Report

Compnow’s report covers vital aspects of your organisation, including:

  • Intune Autopilot deployment and management.
  • Directory services and Single Sign-on.
  • Security and compliance.
  • Email, networking, Wi-Fi & VPN.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Help desk & support services.
  • Core application analysis & compatibility.
  • Application deployment & management.
  • Back-end infrastructure evaluation.
  • Employee productivity and user experience.
  • Self-servicing models and integration with Microsoft.

Enhanced Productivity and Security with Microsoft Intune

The robust capabilities of Microsoft Intune extend beyond just device management. It’s a comprehensive solution that ensures your devices are not only well-managed but also secure. With Intune, you gain the advantage of advanced security protocols, including data protection and threat prevention, crucial for today’s digital landscape. This ensures that your organisation’s sensitive information remains secure, while also facilitating a productive and flexible work environment.

Intune and Autopilot: Centralised Control and Efficiency

The Intune Autopilot system is a testament to our commitment to providing streamlined IT solutions. This service facilitates the centralisation of computer settings, updates, and the management of applications and data remotely. It empowers your organisation with complete control over rights and security, ensuring your IT infrastructure is robust and flexible.

Seamless Deployment with Windows Autopilot

The essence of Windows Autopilot lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. When you order a Windows device through Compnow, we engage in a detailed discussion about your configuration needs. As part of the Autopilot Intune service, we assign an ID to your device. Upon connecting to your network, the device automatically installs the correct settings based on the predetermined configuration. It’s a hassle-free, automated process that ensures your new device is ready to go from the moment it’s powered on.

Intune Deployment: Security and Control

Intune deployment is a continuous process, designed to provide your business with the utmost control over permissions and rights, thereby safeguarding your data. With Intune application deployment, updates can be implemented at setup and rolled out as needed. This approach ensures your business remains in control, with top-tier security for your data and information.

User-Driven Provisioning with Autopilot

Autopilot revolutionises the way new Windows devices are provisioned. Known as User-driven Provisioning, this feature allows end-users to be operational with a standard set of applications from the moment they turn on their new device. It’s a seamless transition that eliminates delays and enhances security.

Intune is a Comprehensive EMM Solution

Intune stands as a pillar in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space, offering a cloud-based solution for mobile device and PC management. It focuses on configuration, security, and compliance, utilising Microsoft Azure Active Directory for a robust identity and access management system. This flexibility extends to application provisioning and control, including features like Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and the ability to isolate and wipe corporate data from mobile applications.


Customised Solutions for Diverse Needs

Understanding that every organisation has unique IT requirements, therefore we offer customised solutions that cater to the specific needs of different sectors. Whether it’s a government institution requiring stringent security measures or a corporate enterprise needing a scalable IT infrastructure, our team are ready to assist. Contact us today for more information.

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