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BYOD Programs

BYOD Programs are a great option if you have a fleet of your own devices or user-owned devices that need to be managed centrally within an organisation. CompNow offers a Bring Your Own Device program that can be customised to suit the needs of Government organisations, education providers and businesses. Below we list the benefits of bring your own device programs including BYOD program for schools.

We are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated and have been in operation for over 30 years. We have six locations across Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth so our bring your own device program can be provided locally. The benefits of bring your own device programs are listed below.


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The Benefits Of Bring Your Own Device Programs

There are many benefits to implementing bring your own device programs in an organisation. Bring your own device programs enable organisations to maximise operational efficiencies and simplify technology processes through one central management channel. Other benefits include:

  • Software distribution is much easier and everyone has the same systems in place creating a more cohesive IT environment
  • BYOD programs can be a much more cost-effective solution in terms of buying power, minimising downtime and having the right expertise in place for high-quality servicing, repairs & consultation
  • Solutions can be customised to meet individual needs
  • Repair processes are streamlined for a faster turnaround (less downtime)
  • Having an ongoing relationship builds trust and enables your ‘bring your own device program’ partner to gain an understanding of how your organisation operates and how best to meet your requirements
  • Ability to manage and maintain security & compliance requirements across all devices
  • Flexibility to manage any device and operating system with a partner that works with multiple vendors
  • Supply constraints can be minimised

Our Bring your own device programs are available nationwide. Our team of experts can assist your organisation with configuration, deployment and ongoing support & training.

Teacher Helping Elementary School Pupils In Computer Class

BYOD Program In Schools

We are an experienced provider of BYOD programs in schools. We have a solid understanding of the requirements & constraints that many schools have and utilise our experience & our in-house expertise to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. Benefits of BYOD programs in schools include:

  • Devices are better looked after when they are owned by the user
  • BYOD programs in schools enable schools to manage devices centrally
  • Having students and staff all in one ecosystem ensures all student and teacher devices have the same software and systems in place to make teaching and learning easier
  • Technology bundles make it easier for parents as they know they are getting everything their child needs in one transaction
  • More cost-effective software, service and repair solutions
  • There is less downtime with repairs and the process is made much easier for students, teachers and parents
  • Training can be provided

View our Shenton Park College webinar to see a great example of the benefits of BYOD program in schools.

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