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Certified Blancco Data Erasure By SustainIT

EOL (End of Lifecycle) management for devices and equipment is now something most businesses need to include as part of their business processes. Effective EOL management ensures your investment in your equipment is maximised, disposal costs are minimised, equipment is disposed of with the least amount of impact on the environment and importantly, your organisation is protected against data vulnerabilities.

We offer full End-to-End Technology Lifecycle Management that can include Supply Chain Management & Procurement, Deployment & Staging, Collection, Processing & EOL and Hardware Support. For EOL services, we utilise SustainIT, our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) brand that offers certified Blancco data erasure guarding your business against data vulnerabilities in accordance with privacy and security regulations around the world. To ensure your data is secure, here is more about Blancco data destruction including Blancco erasure standards and Blancco erasure software.


Blancco Data Destruction

Blancco data destruction is based on the highest standards for secure data erasure. It meets multiple international erasure standards making it ideal if you need to prove compliance with enterprise security policies and government & industry requirements. Over 250 million devices worldwide have been securely erased using Blancco data destruction which also carries over 13 global certifications.

Blancco Erasure Software

Regardless of whether you have a large fleet of devices or you have data located in a data centre or cloud storage in multi-locations, Blancco erasure software can perform at scale, eradicating data within active networks and across IT assets. The suite of Blancco erasure software includes:

  • Blancco Drive Eraser
  • Blancco File Eraser
  • Blancco LUN Eraser
  • Blancco Removable Media Eraser
  • Blancco Virtual Machine Eraser

Blancco Erasure Standards

Blancco erasure standards support 25+ erasure standards & guidelines which helps organisations stay compliant by satisfying data privacy and data security requirements. Blancco erasure standards include:

Air Force System Security Instruction 5020
Aperiodic Random Overwrite
Australian Government Information Security Manual (AGISM)
Blancco SSD Erasure
Bruce Schneier’s Algorithm
CESG CPA – Higher Level
DoD 5220.22 M
DoD 5220.22 M ECE
NIST 800-88 Clear
NIST 800-88 Purge
Firmware Based Erasure
Extended Firmware-Based Erasure
HMG Infosec Standard 5, Higher Standard
HMG Infosec Standard 5, Lower Standard
National Computer Security Center (NCSC-TG-025)
Navy Staff Office Publications (NAVSO P-5239-26)
NSA 130-1
Peter Gutmann’s Algorithm
U.S. Army AR380-19
Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP TSSIT OPS-II
Cryptographic Erasure
TCG Cryptographic Erasure
Random Byte Overwrite (3x)

Enquire About Blancco Data Erasure Today

If you have data erasure compliance requirements or simply want peace of mind that your data won’t end up in the wrong hands, contact us today to speak with one of our Blancco data erasure experts about the best EOL management solution for your organisation.

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