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Certified Data Destruction Services

Finding reliable and responsible data destruction services ensures you have peace of mind that your data won’t end up in the wrong hands and disposal will have the least amount of impact on our environment. Sustain IT is an extension of CompNow offering secure data destruction services including certified data destruction. Below we list the benefits of using us for your electronic destruction services along with information on certified data destruction.

CompNow is proudly 100% Australian owned & operated with six locations across Australia. We provide customised procurement, deployment & support services for Education, Government & Business and have over 217 certifications, over 150 technically certified staff members and work with over 22 vendors. Here is why you should choose us for your secure data destruction services:

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Why Choose Secure Data Destruction Services?

Along with electronic destruction services we also offer the whole suite of lifecycle management services include planning & procurement, deployment & maintenance and retirement & disposal. In addition to having access to all lifecycle management requirements through one vendor, the benefits of using secure data destruction services include:

  • A fast, simple and effective buyback solution
  • Minimal disruption with maximum returns
  • Competitive market-leading valuations
  • More than 98% of all equipment received is refurbished & re-purposed
  • Less than 2% is recycled back into usable materials, keeping harmful e-waste out of landfill
  • All-inclusive and transparent offering
  • eWaste management meets all Australian eWaste regulations
  • Reverse logistics
  • Get optimum residual value for your EOL fleets
  • Highly experienced team
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Multiple erasure options available
  • Fully auditable processing
  • High-level physical security at our locations
  • Point to point transportation

Certified Data Destruction

By having certified data destruction, this assures that any data on your devices is completely wiped restoring the device to factory settings. We can also provide data destruction certificates, if required.

Need Secure Data Destruction Services? Call Now

Call 1300COMPNOW or contact us via our website to speak with our team of experts about our electronic destruction services including certified data destruction.

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