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Cloud IT solutions are an essential part of a successful remote workforce. CompNow is an IT solutions company that have been transforming workplaces through the latest technology since 1990. Learn more about how we can help modernise your workspaces and make your technology truly work for you:

About Our Cloud-Based IT Solutions

Cloud-based computing allows teams – particularly geographically dispersed teams – to connect and work collaboratively. By connecting your whole team to a central network, you ensure that information and data are kept secure and accessed only by those with permission to do so. Storing files on a centralised system also means that everyone works on the most up-to-date files, no matter where they are. Cloud-based IT solutions even allow staff to log in remotely and access their work from a different machine if they need to. Cloud-based solutions can also help to centralise security and system updates, meaning that no team member gets left behind: updates roll out to individual machines all at the same time.

Cloud computing takes offices with set spaces and hardware and turns them into flexible, accessible, and robust systems that allow your staff to work better.


How We Can Assist

Managed services allow you to control your business’s fleet of devices, centralising workspaces and innovating to help your business work better in line with your goals. All this is wrapped up in a Managed Service Agreement, which gives you the confidence of a manageable monthly spend on your IT – this makes budgeting easier, and fuss-free.

We offer ongoing support to maximise your operational efficiencies and simplify your technology management.

When we get started with any new client, we conduct an audit of their current IT systems and look at how we can meet your needs. To get started or chat with one of our expert team members, give us a call on 1300 COMPNOW.

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