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Commercial Audio Visual Installation

In search of cutting-edge commercial AV solutions tailored to your specific needs? Look no further than Compnow. Our team of seasoned AV experts is committed to designing, implementing, and managing top-notch commercial audio-visual installations that meet your precise requirements.

With over three decades of industry experience, Compnow is a 100% Australian-owned and operated business. Our presence spans six major cities across Australia – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, and Perth – solidifying our reputation as a leader in commercial AV installation.

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Tailored Commercial AV Solutions

Whether you’re planning a commercial AV installation for a compact meeting room or a grand auditorium, our national AV team collaborates with you to customise a solution that aligns seamlessly with your digital communication strategy. Our goal is to streamline your operations and boost productivity through state-of-the-art technology. Our vendor partnerships include commercial audio-visual companies such as:

We focus on crafting AV systems that align with your digital communications strategy, enabling your teams to collaborate effortlessly, both within the organisation and externally. We deliver commercial AV services nationwide, catering to businesses, governmental organisations, and educational institutions like TAFE WA.

Areas of Specialisation

Our team of Audio-visual experts have the expertise to cover all aspects of AV installation services such as:

Signage Solutions

We handle everything from room scheduling systems to intricate digital signage wall displays and wayfinding solutions.

Touchscreen Interactivity

Our interactive touchscreen display solutions range from educational whiteboards to high-end boardroom conferencing facilities.

Versatile Meeting Environments

From in-person meeting room & huddle space AV technology to video & voice conferencing/collaboration solutions for remote workers and external meetings, our experts can help you ensure your meetings aren’t interrupted by technical difficulties.

Ongoing Support and Training

To ensure your business or organisation adopts and utilises your commercial AV installation to its fullest capabilities, we can also provide ecosystem training and adoption plans.


Proven Track Record

With over 30 years of satisfied partners, we stand behind our work. It can be hard to see the real impact partnering with experts can have, which is why we provide real case studies to show how partnering with Compnow can help your business.

Digital Transformation at Jeanswest

Jeanswest, an iconic Australian fashion brand, faced logistical challenges in rolling out its digital display system across 220 stores. Compnow stepped in to provide a seamless, on-schedule installation.

Innovating Education at South Regional TAFE WA

South Regional TAFE WA needed a modern audio-visual and conferencing platform to connect its 12 campuses. Compnow delivered a solution that was rapidly adopted, ensuring uninterrupted collaboration across the region.


Ready to Transform Your Business Communications?

Take the next step in elevating your commercial audio-visual setup. We have AV specialists located throughout Australia who are ready to help your business or organisation with your commercial audio-visual installation.

Contact our AV experts today to discuss tailor-made solutions that will revolutionise how your organisation collaborates. Dial 1300COMPNOW or complete our online enquiry form to speak to an AV Expert Now.

Compnow supplies organisations with the building blocks needed to grow.

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