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Computer Lifecycle Management

Computer lifecycle management is designed to enable your business or organisation to ensure full device lifecycle management, maximising your ROI. CompNow offers comprehensive computer lifecycle management plans starting from planning & procurement right through to retiring & disposing of devices. Below is information on how we can help your business or organisation with desktop lifecycle management/device lifecycle management.

We are 100% Australian owned & operated and have been in operation for 30 years. We offer tailored IT solutions for education, government & business and have six locations across Australia. We have over 200 certifications, over 150 technically certified staff members and work with over 22 vendors. We have also received multi Vendor Partner Awards. Our computer lifecycle management plans include:


Computer Lifecycle Management Plans

The advantage of desktop lifecycle management or device lifecycle management is that it enables you to secure control and have full visibility of your supply chain, maintain hardware assets and of course, maximise your investment in technology assets. Our computer lifecycle management plans cover:

  • Planning and procurement
  • Deployment and maintenance
  • Retiring and disposing
  • Data destruction and compliance

Through gaining an understanding of your current IT systems/infrastructure, our team of experts can help you plan for things like technology redundancies and explore ways to re-invest & transition to newer solutions. Deployment through our computer lifecycle management plans enables us to help you streamline technology transitions and reduce downtime. When your hardware assets are at the end of their lifecycle we can help with the disposal and securing your data in a way that complies with environmental regulations and data privacy government & organisational requirements (we can also arrange data destruction certificates as required).

Our case study of Hanes Australasia demonstrates the benefits of our computer lifecycle management plans and how we can develop sustainable lifecycle solutions for our clients. We also have several other case studies that include desktop lifecycle management and device lifecycle management solutions.

Discuss Computer Lifecycle Management Plans With The Experts

Call 1300 COMPNOW or contact us to discuss desktop lifecycle management and device lifecycle management with our experienced customer service team.

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