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CrowdStrike and IT Security for Schools

Introducing CrowdStrike and the Security Modules

CrowdStrike offers the most advanced security modules that will help keep your IT systems secure. Their cloud-native platform is designed to protect endpoints, cloud workloads, identities and data. And with a single agent, you get better protection and performance while reducing complexity.

Their endpoint security module protects devices from modern threats by utilising Threat Graph technology. This innovative approach predicts and prevents attacks in real-time by analyzing billions of data points across the internet. The cloud workload security module provides protection for your applications and data stored in the cloud. It uses behavioural analytics to detect malicious or unauthorised activity, so you can be confident your information is safe.

Committed to providing the best possible protection for your IT systems, CrowdStrike modules (and services) include:

  • Endpoint & ID Security: next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection & responses, extended detection & responses, and integrated identity security
  • Security & IT Operations: managed threat hunting, IT hygiene, and vulnerability assessments
  • Threat Intelligence: threat intelligence, digital risk monitoring, automated malware analysis, and malware search engines
  • Cloud Security: posture management, workload protection, and container security

Compnow’s Partnership with CrowdStrike

Compnow is excited to announce our partnership with CrowdStrike! As a leading provider of IT security solutions, CrowdStrike offers a comprehensive platform for schools that need protection from ransomware and other attacks.

What makes Crowdstrike so unique is their use of a single lightweight agent that works on every device and operating system. This means that school teachers, staff and students can be confident in knowing that they are protected against any type of attack, regardless of where they are or what device they are using.

The Crowdstrike platform has been proven to be effective in protecting organisations around the world. We’re proud to offer it as part of our suite of services and we know that it will provide immense value to our Australian schools.

Request a CrowdStrike Trial for Your School

We understand the importance of cyber security for schools. That’s why we’re offering a free 14-day trial of CrowdStrike to any school or education institution.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to protect your school against all types of cyber attacks. We have years of experience protecting schools from data theft, ransomware attacks, and more.

Compnow’s IT Security Solutions for Schools

Schools are a vital part of our community, and their data and assets must be secured. Compnow has been providing IT security solutions for schools for many years, and we continue to update our offerings to meet the latest threats.

With CrowdStrike on board, we can now stop breaches before they happen. We work with our clients to tailor a solution that meets their specific needs, making sure that their technology is secure from the latest threats.

We also work closely with our technology partners so that we can maximise our ability to provide the best solutions for you. If you’re looking for world-class IT security protection for your school, look no further than Compnow!

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