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DaaS Benefits and Our Services

DaaS stands for ‘device as a service’ or occasionally ‘desktop as a service’. As an increasingly popular approach to IT management and outsourcing, DaaS is a service that ensures your IT systems are as efficient, secure and streamlined as possible. Many businesses and organisations have increasingly sophisticated technology setups as they grow and operations change. More often than not, this results in a mixture of devices, operating systems and software – creating collaboration difficulties and confusion around device budgets.

DaaS is a management solution that ensures the security of digital assets through a simplified offering that includes purchasing, replacement and environmentally-friendly disposal (with data destruction).

Bring all your disparate technology and data into a comprehensive system with your local team at Compnow. We offer Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions to manage these issues, overseen by our team of fleet management experts.


Benefits of DaaS

Using DaaS, your organisation can be linked remotely to cloud services, which house a central, secure, and reliable centre of operations. This means that all security updates, file management, data security and so on are managed in one place, cutting costs and room for error during whole-fleet updates to operating systems and their contents.

Our specialist team can set up, manage and troubleshoot DaaS for multiple hardware and operating systems:

  • DaaS Dell
  • DaaS HP
  • DaaS Lenovo
  • Apple DaaS
  • Surface DaaS
  • And more…

DaaS provides numerous benefits for businesses, including:

  • Cost savings: DaaS can be more cost-effective than traditional desktop deployments since it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain on-premises hardware.
  • Increased flexibility and scalability: DaaS can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing business needs.
  • Improved security: DaaS can provide enhanced security features, such as data encryption and remote wiping, that are not typically available with on-premises deployments.
  • Increased productivity: DaaS can improve employee productivity by providing access to consistent, reliable IT environments from any location.
  • Simplified management: DaaS can simplify device management for IT staff.

DaaS is a great solution for businesses with a large workforce who work remotely or who are geographically dispersed, as well as those in sectors such as health or government, that deal with large amounts of sensitive data. Not only can staff work on the most up-to-date files simultaneously, but they can also be confident that all system and security updates are in effect without unnecessary appointments with the IT department or hardware upgrades.

Through our DaaS services you also have the benefit of the following:

  • Choice of your preferred devices with access to the latest technology
  • Choice of software
  • Flexible warranty packages
  • Tailored managed services that best meet your organisation’s requirements
  • Sustainable end-of-lifecycle management
  • Zero Touch Deployment provides quick and easy access to devices
  • Access to our Storage & Staging services as required
  • Increased visibility and easy purchasing through our BYOD purchasing portals

Challenges or Concerns with DaaS

Despite these benefits, DaaS is not without its challenges. These challenges include:

  • Dependence on the internet: DaaS solutions are dependent on high-speed internet connections, which may not be available in all areas.
  • Security concerns: DaaS solutions may pose security concerns as to how data is stored (in the cloud and on devices).
  • E-waste concerns: DaaS solutions require purchases, replacements and deployments that create a stock of e-waste.

However, most of these concerns can be managed by Compnow with our security expertise, from physical backups to virtual security, and end-of-lifecycle management company SustainIT.

DaaS Pricing and Financing Options

DaaS costs will vary depending on the solution you choose. We can tailor your DaaS solution based on your requirements whilst ensuring DaaS pricing is within your budget. DaaS pricing is based on our fixed term options which are either 12 or 24 months, per user / per month, with a minimum of 10 users.

Because DaaS costs are fixed, there are no extra costs and no extra end-of-term fees that you hadn’t counted on. We also offer a range of other finance options including Master Rental Agreements, Asset Finance, Sale & Leaseback and Consumer Finance.

Our financing options provide you with access to the latest technology & equipment and expert management & support – all wrapped up in one easy monthly payment. With this, you can enjoy the benefits of DaaS at a cost you can manage.


DaaS Vendors and Our Technology Partnerships

We offer DaaS solutions from a range of trusted vendors and technology partners:

Microsoft DaaS

Microsoft DaaS solutions are designed to reduce the inefficiencies of ownership & management through a delivery model that incorporates hardware, software and services in one easy per-seat, per-month fixed-term cost agreement. Our DaaS Microsoft delivery model focuses on improving the predictability, security and accountability of Microsoft devices right across your business or organisation.

Through our strong partnership with Microsoft, we can provide the latest products on the market, which means you get the best solution for your organisation.


HP DaaS is designed to help businesses and organisations to manage their fleet of devices more efficiently. Our DaaS delivery model can include HP hardware, software, managed services, training and support – making your fleet management more predictable, secure and accountable.

Because we have a strong partnership with HP, this enables us to provide the best HP solutions for our clients. We provide the latest HP devices, printers and healthcare technology on the market.

Lenovo DaaS

Enjoy reliability and quality with Lenovo DaaS solutions, for large enterprises or small-to-mid-sized businesses. This can include Lenovo ThinkBooks, with advanced security solutions (ThinkShield), and ThinkCentre desktops or ThinkStation workstations for powerful performance.

Find out more about Lenovo’s ThinkAgile integrated appliances and systems, and how we can simplify your IT infrastructure.

Dell DaaS

Power productivity from anywhere with Dell DaaS solutions, including Dell Precision Workstations, Dell Inspiron Laptops, Dell XPS Laptops & Ultrabooks for Business. We can also set up this hardware with Windows 10 Home operating systems plus Remote Desktop, Windows Information Protection, BitLocker and a suite of tools designed for business use.

As a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner, we can transform IT in your workplace through innovative solutions.

Apple DaaS

As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller, we have the expertise to deliver Apple technology into your organisation to work side-by-side – with all devices – in a fully integrated ecosystem. Our Apple DaaS solutions can be designed to work with your existing infrastructure; From Microsoft Office 365 and VPN services to Salesforce solutions.

Learn how our team of certified senior architects can work with your business to integrate Mac, iPad & iPhone seamlessly & securely into your organisation.

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