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Device as a Service (DaaS) is a great way to centralise IT management. At CompNow, we’re a 100% privately Australian-owned and operated company with specialised teams of experts to help find the right solutions at the right time for your business. Our DaaS experts are responsive to your needs – keep reading to learn how.

What is DaaS?

Device as a Service (DaaS) is overseen by our team of fleet management experts.

Using DaaS, your organisation’s computers can be linked remotely to cloud services, which house a central, secure, and reliable centre of operations. This means that all security updates, file management, data security and so on are managed in one place, cutting costs and room for error during whole-fleet updates to computer systems and their contents.

Our specialist team can set up, manage and troubleshoot DaaS for multiple hardware and operating systems:

  • DaaS Dell
  • DaaS HP
  • DaaS Lenovo
  • Apple DaaS
  • Surface DaaS
  • And more…

How Can We Help?

DaaS is a great solution for businesses with a large workforce who work remotely or who are geographically dispersed, as well as those in sectors such as health or government, who deal with large amounts of sensitive data. Not only can staff work on the most up-to-date files simultaneously, but they can also be confident that all system and security updates are in effect without unnecessary appointments with the IT department or hardware upgrades.

As an example, let’s look at Breakthru. A nation-wide disability support provider, this business experienced a rapid expansion between 2009 and 2015 (when the NDIS came into effect). This growth meant that Breakthru had added quick-fixes and ad hoc rollouts of new IT solutions. This resulted in a lack of cohesion across the business’ IT, and a knock-on effect to IT support.

We helped streamline IT across Breakthru with DaaS. Breakthru now operates in 34 locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, and their services are supported by our DaaS. Their IT expenses are manageable and predictable, following a stable monthly cost that covers DaaS, including support services.


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Do you feel confident that your IT system is secure, current and reliable? Talk to a DaaS expert today to learn more – call us on 1300 COMPNOW.

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