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DaaS Finance and Pricing

DaaS finance provides you with access to the latest technology & equipment and expert management & support – all wrapped up in one easy monthly payment. Below we list the benefits of DaaS and how to get a DaaS cost for your organisation based on your requirements.

CompNow has been seamlessly integrating tailored technology into organisations for over 30 years. We are 100% Australian owned & operated and have over 300 staff located across Australia (150 technically certified staff). We also have over 217 certifications and we work with over 22 vendors. Here are the benefits of DaaS and how we make DaaS pricing cost-effective for your organisation


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Why Choose DaaS?

DaaS offers predictability, security and accountability. You have peace of mind knowing you’ve got a team of experts on hand when you need them. Having devices, software and IT support managed via one channel, management is simplified and more cost-effective.

Our team can provide full end-to-end fleet management from purchasing right through to destruction & disposal when devices reach the end of their useful life. Through our DaaS services you also have the benefit of the following:

  • Choice of your preferred devices with access to the latest technology
  • Choice of software
  • Flexible warranty packages
  • Tailored managed services that best meet your organisation’s requirements
  • Sustainable end-of-lifecycle management
  • Zero Touch Deployment provides quick and easy access to devices
  • Access to our Storage & Staging services as required
  • Increased visibility and easy purchasing through our webstore and purchasing portals

DaaS Cost

DaaS cost will vary depending on the solution you choose. We can tailor your DaaS solution based on your requirements whilst ensuring DaaS pricing is within your budget. DaaS pricing is based on our fixed term options which are either 12 or 24 months, per user / per month, with a minimum of 10 users.

Because DaaS costs are fixed, there are no extra costs and no extra end of term fees that you hadn’t counted on. We also offer a range of other finance options including Master Rental Agreements, Asset Finance, Sale & Leaseback and Consumer Finance.