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Data Erasure Services

When looking for data erasure services, finding a provider that offers certified data erasure is important to ensure your data is erased properly and doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Below is information about our data wiping services including certified data erasure.

CompNow is 100% Australian owned & operated, has been in operation for over 30 years and has six locations across Australia. We have over 150 technically certified staff, over 217 certifications and work with over 22 vendors.

SustainIT is an extension of CompNow that provides ethical, environmental and socially responsible end-of-lifecycle management including certified data wiping services. Here is more about our secure & certified data erasure services


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Talk to us about certified data erasure today and find out how we can help protect your data. Call 1300COMPNOW or fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you soon.

Certified Data Erasure

Certified data erasure services give you complete assurance that critical company information is completely removed from devices along with any identifying marking, asset labels etc. So why choose us for your Certified data erasure services?

  • We have a highly experienced team that ensures the protection of your data and privacy
  • We use secure point-to-point transportation of your devices
  • We carefully vet certified partners and supply chains to minimise risk
  • We use fully auditable processing
  • All data wiping services are done on robust, isolated networks
  • Our locations employ a high level of physical security
  • We provide data destruction certificates as required

Our certified data erasure is offered as part of our end-of-lifecycle management services. Our EOL management services include secure transportation of your unwanted devices to our facilities, a detailed assessment that includes the certified data erasure. We then provide you with a buyback offer. If the offer is accepted, we purchase your unwanted devices then refurbish, resell, re-use, or responsibly recycle them.

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