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Dell Titanium Partnership Benefits for Our Customers

CompNow has been promoted to Dell Titanium Partnership status which demonstrates our continued dedication to providing the best solutions for our customers. Thanks to this new status, we can provide even better services to our customers.

Benefits For Customers From Our Dell Partnership

Advanced Training

As Dell requires certified teams to regularly partake in advanced training and courses, our teams are highly-knowledgeable experts on Dell products and services, including technical architecture in storage and system engineering. From this advanced training, our customers know that we can find the right solution for them and implement it correctly for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

New Product Information

As a Titanium Partner, CompNow is given the latest information on upcoming products as well as those that will soon be discontinued or no longer supported. With this foresight, we can pre-prepare our customer’s device lifecycle management and enhance procurement efficiencies.

Dedicated Dell Support Team

Dell assists us in unique situations where our customers need additional support. We work closely with this dedicated Dell support team to ensure a solution is found quickly.

From these Titanium Partnership benefits, we can expand your IT capabilities, transform your organisation and develop innovative solutions.


Dell For Education

Provide your students with the latest technology and empower their education with Dell for Education.

Streamline your device purchasing with a free 1‑to‑1 BYOD student portal. We can host and manage this portal, providing students with a custom selection of products with delivery options to the school. The latest Dell products that could be included are:

  • Dell Precision Workstations that feature the latest processors and graphics to power educational programs
  • Dell Latitude Family, with Windows 10, features a smaller and lighter design while maintaining fast connectivity and charging
  • Precision Mobile (laptop) or Fixed (desktop) Workstations for remote learning

Dell For Business

Partnering with Dell for Business, we hope to transform businesses and transform your IT environment. Like the Dell for Education options, Dell Precision Workstations (Mobile or Fixed) can empower professionals with productivity from anywhere.

Additionally, Dell Inspiron Laptops, Dell XPS Laptops, Dell Latitude Laptops & Ultrabooks for Business are secure and reliable. Learn more about our device as a service options, for small-to-medium businesses and enterprise-level organisations.

Contact Us To Learn More

Contact us to learn more about our Titanium Partnership and how it can benefit your organisation. Or call 1300 COMPNOW to talk to our expert teams about your requirements.

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