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Digital signage solutions are a great way to communicate information effectively and easily. Learn about SmartSign (our digital signage board content management system), Samsung Smart Signage and the benefits of using digital signage boards.

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If you’re looking at digital signage for schools, real estate digital signage, digital signage for retail, commercial digital signage or healthcare digital signage here is information on the technologies we use


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SmartSign: Content Management For Digital Signage Boards

By utilising an innovative communication platform you can more effectively engage & inspire your audience, share important information and get your message across. SmartSign makes managing the content of your digital signage board super easy.

Through SmartSign for digital signage boards you can:

  • Build playlists with COVID messages, power BI, news, videos, images and your social media feeds
  • Connect to other content sources to make updates automatically
  • Tailor your solution to your environment through user access controls and device accessibility options

Digital signage boards are used across a wide range of environments and applications. Digital signage for schools enables you to get timely and important messages across to students and real estate digital signage allows you to showcase properties and advertise day or night.

Our Dennis Family Homes case study is an example of how real estate digital signage can also deliver an innovative solution that truly enhances the customer experience.

Digital signage for retail and commercial digital signage is a great way to promote products, services and key messages to both customers and staff. Healthcare digital signage is popular in waiting rooms for providing information to patients (e.g. COVID requirements), advertising services and delivering important messages.


Samsung Smart Signage: Innovative Touchscreen Digital Signage Boards

Samsung Smart Signage takes digital signage boards to the next level with innovative touch screen technology and professional-grade image quality. Samsung Smart Signage is ideal for a diverse range of applications such as improving the learning experience in schools or showcasing advertising in retail or commercial environments through interactive panels offering a brilliant visual experience through UHD displays. Content management is made simple and the display is designed to allow the viewer to be completely immersed in the content.

We have a team of AV experts who can help you to determine what digital signage board solution is best for your requirements.