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Edstart Payment Plans For School Devices

Edstart Australia is a leading technology and financial services company that provides funding and payment services for education. Edstart’s goal is to improve access to learning by helping to make education costs sustainable, flexible and easier to manage for schools, families and students. Here is more about Edstart, their product range and the school laptop payment plans we can offer to parents of schools supported by CompNow.

About Edstart

Edstart was founded by a passionate team of Australian education and finance specialists. Edstart works with over 600 of Australia’s leading schools, education providers and universities and is backed by some of Australia’s leading investors such as NAB Ventures (National Australia Bank’s investment arm).

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Edstart’s Product Range

Edstart’s payment plans can be used for school fees and other education-related costs. They have two payment plan offerings:

  1. Edstart Pay – a payment plan that allows you to spread your fee payments across the school year for up to 12 months
  2. Edstart Extend – a payment plan that reduces your annual payments by spreading them over a longer period

With all Edstart payment plans, you have the option to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can apply for a school fees payment plan or education-related expenses plan such as a school laptop payment plan at any time of the year. You also don’t need to reapply for future years making it much easier for families and you can also change or cancel your payment plan at any time with no charges.

Edstart also offers Edstart Plus – a fee management platform for schools that are Edstart partners. It is free for parents to use and enables more flexibility and school fee payment options for families. You can choose a schedule that works for you along with your preferred payment method and you can adjust your payments at any time if there are changes to your budget. With Edstart Plus there are also no fees or charges.

CompNow’s School Laptop Payment Plans With Edstart

For schools supported by CompNow, we can offer school laptop payment plans via Edstart. We provide IT support to many schools right across Australia – this includes supplying and managing laptops for students. Speak to your school today to find out more about school laptop payment plans that may be available or get in touch with us.

Contact Us About School Laptop Payment Plans Today

To find out more about our school laptop payment plans and the laptops we have available contact us today. Call 1300 COMPNOW or fill out our online enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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