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Schools and educational institutions need reliable and secure IT. CompNow has an expert team who specialise in the education sector, both Higher Education and K-12 education. Learn more about how we can tailor education IT support to your institution:

About Our Education IT Solutions

There’s no shortage of pressing questions for education IT services. Working with young people and sensitive information means education IT needs to use reliable security infrastructure. It also needs to be able to cope with large amounts of traffic on the school’s network, as large amounts of students access it simultaneously.

Student-facing concerns include the ability to present learning in modern, time-saving and collaborative ways (through audiovisual hardware, using individual tablets, or interactive whiteboards). We also help ensure student portals and hubs are useable, navigable, and easy for students and families to interact with.

We also empower both teachers and students to make the most of IT – preparing students for the future and equipping the school with all the hardware and software it needs to excel. We do this through ongoing support and, where needed, on-site assistance.

Higher Education Services

Higher education students often need to collaborate, and so do university/TAFE staff. We’ve helped institutions set up Zoom rooms, cloud networks, and maintain sufficient buffer stock to ensure everyone’s connected, right when they need to be.

At RMIT University we streamlined device deployment and accrued $300,000 in IT budget savings in the first 15 months of our relationship. As a massive institution of 82,000 students, RMIT’s education IT solutions are essential to their business.


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How are you keeping your students safe and secure online? How are you ensuring your staff have access to the technology they need to make learning truly engaging, helping to boost your students’ participation? Give us a call today on 1300 COMPNOW, and we’ll connect you with one of our education experts to discuss your needs.

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