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Educational eSports for School

Educational esports teach students in a fun, engaging way that provides an opportunity to educate on important factors like digital wellbeing. Below find out about the FUSE Cup (Federation of United Schools eSports Cup) an initiative that enables schools to educate through safe, supportive, structured and age-appropriate online games.

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Here are the benefits of the FUSE Cup, an educational eSports initiative here in Australia and why eSports for schools are a fantastic educational tool for the modern world.


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The FUSE Cup

The FUSE Cup is an international eSports competition designed to help students develop digital wellbeing and online safety through positive gaming behaviours. The initiative is run by teachers throughout Australia & Asia and enables schools to participate in safe and structured eGames.

Students thoroughly enjoy learning through the games and both teachers & parents value the FUSE Cup as an educational resource when it comes to eSafety. The initiative has three age divisions (Year 5&6, Year 7&8 and Year 9&10) and is supported by Kids Helpline and The Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

The FUSE cup is centred around four overarching values – Integrity, Strength, Inclusion and Teamwork with a Behavioral Management process that outlines behavioural expectations (similar to the system used in football – verbal warning, yellow card, red card).

Benefits of the FUSE Cup for students include:

  • A better understanding of balanced gaming
  • Being part of a team and learning how to contribute towards a common goal
  • Developing personal integrity and self-respect
  • Learning to show respect for their opponents, their schools and the rules of the competition
  • Learning how to conduct themselves and how to interact positively with other players
  • Developing the skills to handle disappointment positively
  • Gaining an understanding of the need to practice ways to monitor their screen time in an attempt to live a balanced healthy lifestyle

Download the FUSE Cup school info pack for more information including eSports and the general capabilities within the Australian Curriculum.

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