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Elevate Your Teaching with Apple-Certified Teacher Training

As education continues to evolve, technology has become an increasingly integral part of teaching and learning. As Apple certified teachers, we recognise the importance of equipping educators with the skills and knowledge to effectively use technology in the classroom. With our Apple Authorised Education Specialist status, we deliver the Apple Teacher program, a free professional learning initiative designed to support educators who utilise Apple products in their teaching practices​.

The Apple Teacher Program

Apple teacher training is an innovative learning platform that allows educators to build skills on iPad and Mac which can be directly applied to activities with their students. It’s designed to be flexible, enjoyable, and inspiring, embodying the essence of professional learning. The program is open to all educators, providing a brilliant way for schools and districts to offer free professional education that their staff can work together on.

This self-paced journey through the Apple Teacher Learning Center, a personalised online learning experience, makes it perfect for educators new to Apple products, as well as those who have been using them for years. Whether you have a single device or one for every student, Apple Teacher offers the tools teachers need to use iPad and Mac to connect with all learners​.

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Compnow: Your Partner in Professional Learning and Development

With years of experience in optimising workflows for educational institutions, Compnow is committed to helping you develop your skills to better utilise technology in your workplace​​. We understand that every education environment is unique, which is why we offer a personalised professional learning program that supports the school’s vision and mission for e-Learning.

Not only are we committed to creating Apple-certified educators, but we’re also Australia’s first Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller so our professional learning consultation team is always ready to discuss pedagogical and technological considerations, ensuring that the technology in education fully integrates with the learning and teaching environment​​.

Specialised Training Services

Compnow offers a comprehensive range of professional development courses designed for corporate, education, mobility, and design workflows and applications. From introductory to refresher or advanced sessions, we have something for every professional. Our trainers, equipped with the latest industry trends and best practices, deliver up-to-date content to our clients. We also offer customised training programmes for specific and unique software/hardware workflows​​.

For school-specific training, we offer training on Microsoft Teams, 21st Century Learning Design, and even Minecraft Education Edition so teaching staff can more effectively engage with students.

As technology continually expands, it’s crucial to keep your skills up-to-date. Compnow provides industry-standard training in Apple, Jamf, and Microsoft to help you and your team stay ahead of technology.

Meet Our Expert Trainers

Our team of trainers are highly experienced and qualified professionals. With a background in education and technology, they are well-equipped to guide you through your professional learning journey. They are constantly evolving and developing their own skills and encourage others to join them in the pursuit of excellence.

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At Compnow, we believe in providing comprehensive, engaging, and effective professional learning and development opportunities. Whether you’re an Apple Certified Educator or just starting your journey with Apple technology, our courses are designed to meet your needs and enhance your teaching experience.

Ready to elevate your teaching with Apple-certified teacher training? Talk to our expert training team about your requirements or fill out a training enquiry form.

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