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CompNow has been supporting enterprise organisations with IT solutions since 1990. We’re 100% Australian-owned, and we have teams in every major city across Australia to support your business. Learn more about our enterprise IT services and capabilities.

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Enterprise Network Solutions

Having a WiFi solution like Fabric Connect that is crafted to meet your needs will ensure your enterprise has a networking solution that aids growth and productivity rather than hinders it.

Extreme Networks Fabric Connect is an enterprise networking solution that is designed to improve security and stability, delivered through a simple, streamlined & agile solution. Enterprise network management with Fabric Connect is done through one control panel that allows you to deploy applications much faster than traditional networks by automating network processes that previously were manual. Fabric Connect also features:

  • Edge provisioning only
  • Fabric-enabled wired and wireless
  • Improved security because back-door entry points are eliminated
  • Stable and resilient network with a number of protocols and touchpoints reduced

As an Extreme Networks Black Diamond Partner, we hold the highest level of technical accreditation with 18 engineers trained on ExtremeCloud IQ – meaning CompNow has the highest number of certified engineers across Australia & New Zealand for ExtremeCloud IQ. This enables us to assist with your Extreme Network enterprise connectivity solutions including ExtremeCloud™ IQ, ExtremeSwitching and ExtremeWireless & WAPs, regardless of how complex your business challenges may be.

Download ‘The Smart Guide to Intelligent Automation’ eBook to learn about how we have redefined how organisations approach enterprise networking to enable them to thrive in the digital age.

Enterprise Software Management

Finding a reliable and skilled enterprise software management partner is key to ensuring you are maximising your enterprise software infrastructure and getting the best ROI. CompNow provides enterprise software consulting through Managed Service Agreements focused on enhancing operational efficiencies, productivity and simplifying your technology management.

Whether your organisation is looking to update or upgrade your infrastructure or even start fresh, our engineering and technical teams can help with planning and procurement right through to installation and ongoing support. You will have a team of dedicated coordinators & technical delivery managers for your enterprise software support. Our teams always keep their certifications up to date and ensure our solutions are always based on best practice standards, regardless of how complex they are. We will work closely with you to gain a solid understanding of your current infrastructure, identify your needs and determine a solution that will achieve the very best outcome.

Benefits of Our Enterprise Software Services

We also can provide on-site, in-house & remote support for our enterprise software services and will tailor a solution for your business or organisation. We have strong relationships with our partners ensuring we can deliver enterprise software implementation that best meets your business or organisation’s needs.

Our Enterprise software partners include:


Enterprise MDM With Microsoft Intune

Enterprise mobile device management is becoming a crucial part of most businesses and organisations. If you have compliance requirements whilst also needing flexibility when it comes to managing mobile devices, Enterprise Mobile Device Management with Microsoft Intune is the ideal solution.

We have one of the largest teams of Microsoft certified sales & engineering staff, and with over 30 years of working closely with Microsoft, we are known for delivering best practice Microsoft solutions. Because we approach each project with a discovery phase, this enables us to tailor solutions that are informed and best meet our client’s needs. Our team also has experience & expertise across a wide range of devices and technologies so can implement a Microsoft Intune solution that fits with your existing devices and infrastructure.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

MDM (Mobile Device Management) enables a company to manage mobile devices remotely, track inventory and ensure adequate data security & privacy. Over time, with the increase in mobile device use in business, many organisations have found that employees prefer to use their personal devices so they only have say one smartphone – this is where MDM MAM (Mobile Application Management) comes in. MDM MAM allows an organisation to manage and control specific applications within a device as opposed to the entire device.

MDM EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) combines both MDM and MAM. EMM Mobile Device Management enables a business to secure data on both dedicated devices and BYO devices as well as manage mobile content, information and applications.

Microsoft Intune offers an EMM Mobile Device Management solution that enables you to manage devices from either the cloud or while connected to existing infrastructure. It provides flexibility in how you manage devices and allows easy configuration of device settings to meet compliance requirements. It can be used with the Microsoft 365 suite enabling users to conduct work activities on their devices, securely. It also integrates with Azure Active Directory and Azure Information Protection.

When clients partner with us for their Microsoft Intune MDM EMM deployment, they benefit from:

  • Informed solutions that are cost-effective and designed to meet your needs now whilst taking your future needs into consideration
  • Smooth and seamless integration
  • Expert support and guidance
  • Peace of mind knowing your solution will be secure and compliant

Case Study on Our Enterprise IT Solutions: REA Group

We recently partnered with REA Group – Australia’s #1 address in real estate. With their focus on online real estate services, the Group has expanded to include 1,300 staff members. This meant that IT had grown along with the team size, and their procurement needed to be streamlined.

An enterprise of this size uses a massive fleet of devices, including phones, laptops and accessories. We helped REA streamline the device lifecycle management with their staff by ensuring rapid deployment and a pain-free support experience for the IT team and staff. We also provide REA Group with ongoing on-site account management, to fix any hiccups they may experience day-to-day.

Contact us to learn more about our various capabilities, including project management, integration and development, and procurement. The first step in a client relationship is to assess your specific setup and identify what you need to reach your goals. Then we’ll develop a plan to make sure your IT allows you to reach those goals.

Enterprise Data Management Services: Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Security

Learn about our enterprise data management services, our partnerships with technology vendors and how CompNow can provide a comprehensive solution for your organisation.

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