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FAQs on School Security Systems

Navigating the world of school security systems can be daunting. As an experienced solutions provider, Compnow is here to demystify the complexities and help you ensure your students are protected.

We understand that a multi-pronged approach is necessary to ensure all bases are covered when it comes to school security. This includes both physical and cyber security measures, which we seamlessly integrate to create a safe and secure learning environment. Our solutions are not just about providing products; they’re about solving problems and delivering results. We work closely with schools to understand their specific needs and tailor our solutions accordingly.

One of the ways we achieve this is through centralised security systems for schools, which enable efficiency, effectiveness, and the reliability schools need. Centralised security systems allow for management, monitoring, and reporting all in one place, ensuring a comprehensive approach to school security. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter on school security.


1. What Types of Security Systems are in Schools?

Schools across Australia employ a variety of security systems, each designed to meet their unique security needs:

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems: These provide a video feed within the school and its surroundings, deterring criminal activity. We provide advanced solutions like Verkada, with AI-assisted analytics and real-time alerts.
  • Access Control Systems: To manage who enters and exits school grounds. These can range from keycards to biometric scanners.
  • Fire and Safety Alarm Systems: Vital for any educational environment, these systems alert the school community in case of potential hazards.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems: These systems alert security personnel when an entrance is attempted outside school hours.

2. What Are Some Additional Security Devices For Schools?

  • Emergency Call Stations: For instant communication with security personnel or emergency services.
  • Metal Detectors: While not common in all schools, metal detectors can add an extra level of security.
  • Two-Way Radios: For immediate staff communication during emergencies.

3. How Do Schools Choose Their Security Systems?

We believe the best school security systems are chosen based on a school’s specific safety needs. Our team of experts works closely with IT managers at schools to seamlessly integrate security systems like Verkada with your current setup. Verkada is an intuitive, all-in-one platform for your school’s physical security needs, simplifying security with automated emergency responses to events as they occur.

We focus on creating a cohesive system that enhances your existing security measures rather than replacing them, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations. Try a Verkada trial to see how our solutions can help protect your school.

4. How Do You Balance Student Safety And Privacy Within Schools?

Striking the right balance between security and privacy can be difficult. It’s essential that any security initiatives don’t infringe on students’ and staff’s rights to privacy whilst ensuring safety.

One example of how Compnow can help you achieve this is through Verkada air quality systems. These monitor high-risk areas for vaping or smoking such as bathrooms and locker rooms that would otherwise be impossible to check on without privacy issues.

5. Why Choose Compnow for School Security Systems?

Compnow’s solutions are designed with user-friendliness in mind. During emergencies, teachers can receive real-time alerts via SMS or email, enabling them to take immediate action. Our intuitive interfaces and easy-to-navigate systems ensure that even in high-stress situations, teachers can quickly access the information they need to ensure the safety of their students.

6. How Can Compnow Facilitate Communication Between The School And Parents During Emergencies?

In the event of an emergency, timely and clear communication between the school and parents is crucial. This is why with Verkada when an alarm is raised, agents immediately call and send SMS messages to your predetermined contact list, and if they see an emergency in progress, agents will contact local emergency services immediately. After this, the pre determined contacts can quickly disseminate information among parents in the safest way possible working with authorities.

7. How Can We Protect Against Cybersecurity Threats?

We understand the importance of protecting your network infrastructure and data, which is why we partner with Crowdstrike for security solutions in schools. CrowdStrike has been developed specifically for education providers in Australia and has a single console for all security modules of the product. It enables protection organisation-wide on all devices regardless of whether they are on-site or off-site. You can find out more or book a trial.

8. How Cost-Effective Are Security Systems?

The cost-effectiveness of installing and maintaining school security systems is a crucial consideration. We understand the necessity for budget-conscious solutions that don’t compromise safety. We provide extensive cost analyses, considering installation, maintenance, and long-term operational expenses to ensure your investment is maximised. Additionally, we offer technology financing options to make the transition to improved security more accessible.

9. Are There Customisation Options?

Absolutely. We recognise that each school has unique security requirements. We offer customisable solutions tailored to address specific challenges and needs. Whether it’s enhanced access control for larger institutions or specialised alarm systems for smaller schools, our solutions are adapted to ensure optimum security.

10. Do School Security Systems Comply with Local Laws?

Compliance with local laws is a significant aspect of effective security systems. Verkada facilitates seamless communication between school security systems and emergency services. In the event of an incident, an immediate and automatic alert is sent to local authorities and a predetermined list of contacts, ensuring rapid and coordinated response but also privacy compliance.

11. Are These Systems Scalable?

Yes. We recognise that as your school grows or security requirements evolve, your security system should adapt accordingly. Whether it’s adding more cameras, integrating new technologies, or adjusting to new safety regulations, our systems are designed to scale with your needs.

12. How Can I Get Started with Improving School Security?

We’re here to help you navigate your journey towards a more secure learning environment. Talk to a Compnow expert or book a consultation to discuss your school’s security needs.

Remember, the path to creating safer schools may be complex, but with Compnow, it’s a journey we undertake together. The peace of mind it brings makes it worth every effort.

Technology doesn’t stop evolving, neither do we.

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