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Government Purchasing and Procurement Panels

In the complexities of government operations, where needs are as diverse as the areas they cover, procurement and purchasing are not just routine tasks; they are the lifeblood that fuels efficiency and effectiveness.

Compnow stands at the forefront of this dynamic, especially within the realm of local government procurement panels, including the esteemed WALGA. Our mission is to empower and streamline governmental efforts, ensuring that everyone enjoys the benefits of our specialised services. Learn how we redefine procurement excellence.

Pioneering IT Solutions for Government Agencies

Our history with government ICT services is a network of happy relationships from years of dedication and expertise. Recognised for crafting robust IT frameworks, our team delivers top-tier devices with exceptional security and data infrastructure. Our proficiency in managing federal government procurement panels and web development projects is unparalleled.

We excel in developing both the digital facade that engages people and the intricate backend operations, from buffer stock maintenance to cloud updates, all ensuring seamless, secure IT operations. As procurement panel specialists, our understanding of hardware and software is comprehensive and forward-thinking. Discover our impact in revolutionising WA local government’s IT landscape.


Our Diverse Government Procurement Panel Participation

Our expertise isn’t confined to a single panel or sector. Our proficiency stretches across various procurement panels, including:

  • Brisbane Catholic Diocese
  • Catholic Education Western Australia
  • Department for Education South Australia
  • Local Buy – LGAQ, LGAT & LGANT
  • Local Government Information Technology South Australia (LGITSA)
  • New South Wales Contract 999
  • Procurement Australia
  • University Procurement Hub
  • Victorian Whole of Government

WALGA’s Choice: Compnow’s Pioneering Approach

In the quest for a preferred supplier, the blend of experience and innovation is crucial. Our journey has been about not just keeping up but leading the charge in technological evolution, helping governments and educational institutions adapt and thrive. As a WALGA Preferred Supplier, our Perth office is a beacon of modern IT solutions including:

  • Customised Procurement & Deployment
  • Agreed Local Buffer Stock Warehousing
  • Service & Repairs at our Local Facility
  • Audio Visual & Unified Communications
  • Digital Signage & IPTV solutions
  • Professional Learning & Certified Training

Integral Role in WALGA’s ICT Framework

Our designation as WALGA’s preferred supplier for IT products and services is a testament to our commitment and expertise. Engaging with the WALGA ICT panel, we undertake:

  • Submission of competitive WALGA tenders for IT services
  • Efficient management of WALGA’s procurement for hardware and software, including buffer stock

Our role in WALGA’s endeavours is a source of pride and motivation, driving us to meet and exceed local government requirements continually.

Connect with Our Perth Office for Tailored Solutions

Since 2018, our Perth branch has been a hub for comprehensive IT solutions, including procurement, deployment, technical support, and more. For a personalised consultation on how we can fulfil your IT needs, contact us at 1300 COMPNOW.

Evidence of Our Expertise with Government Partners

The City of West Torrens (CoWT) case study stands out as an example of connectivity demands and our adaptability in council functions. In 2018, CoWT embarked on a journey with Compnow, commencing with a tender aimed at overhauling its IT infrastructure. The goals were:

  1. To enhance performance and storage capabilities
  2. To fortify their disaster recovery (DR) systems.

This case study not only underscores the intricate demands and diverse needs of local governments but also highlights our ability to tailor solutions that resonate with the unique situation of each council. Through our collaboration with CoWT, we have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to driving technological advancement while respecting the nuanced needs of local governments.

Contact Us for more information

Our dedicated team is eager to explore potential collaborations and tailor solutions to your unique needs. To delve deeper into our procurement panel expertise, connect with us online or on 1300 COMPNOW. Let’s start a conversation that could transform the way your government operates.

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